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7 Captivating Headlines That Will Increase Your Traffic

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Are you writing amazing, original, relevant blog posts that you’re sure will knock your readers’ socks off? Great! Are those incredible blogs posts also not seeing the light of a computer screen, because no one is clicking on them? Oh dear.

It may be your headline. There is a huge difference between a captivating headline, and a dud that your audience will keep scrolling past. When it comes to increasing traffic to your blog posts or any of your content for that matter – dare we say it – your headlines are sometimes more important than your actual post.  BOOM.

Luckily, just a few small, strategic word changes can make a huge difference between an uninspiring blog post headline and a captivating one designed to attract way more eyes. Continue reading for the best list of the 7 captivating headlines that will increase your traffic.

 7 captivating headlines that will increase your traffic:

  1. The ‘Numbers’ Game Headline

We’ve all seen them. “5 Tips to Get Longer Hair”, “7 Captivating Headlines That Will Increase Your Traffic ”, “6 Daily Mantras You Should Be Using”. The list goes on. But what’s important to note is that marketers, writers, SEO specialist alike, all use this tactic for a reason: it works! But why would the presence of a number in your blog headline determine the increase in click-throughs? Let’s find out:

captivating-headlines-increase-your-trafficWhy does it work?

Here’s a fun fact: Just as the human eye is drawn to contrasting colors, we are also naturally drawn to the combination of numbers resting beside the text. So what are we doing here? We are making our blog headline stand out, which on a search engine page is an extremely important tactic. Numbers in a headline also offer a concrete sense of  the article’s content. When people know what they are getting into, they are more willing to click into it.

What you should keep in mind:

Have you ever been reading an article, and then found yourself wondering ‘when are they going to get to the point?’, or ‘this has nothing to do with the title’. It’s frustrating, and more likely than not, those people will probably not click on your next post. Be sure to get right into those important points that you’ve promised in your headline right off the bat, and fill each point with quality content that is unique and relevant to you audience. Next time, they will click with no second thought

2. The ‘Make My Life Easier’ Headline

Yes, everyone wants that most effective way to do something, but if given the choice, they will always pick the easiest. Why take the rocky road, when this easier way will get you the same results?

Why does it work?                                             

Well, this is probably a rather simple one; everyone wants their life to be easier. So if you are offering to help them out in that area, they are definitely going to be willing to give it a try.

What you should keep in mind:

Once they get to your content, be sure that the “easier” way to do something, is not a less effective, or second rate version of the usual way of doing it. Example: “The Easiest Way To Clean Your Pool For Summer”.

Your way is the best, the most effective, and the easiest. In short, with a mind like yours, you should rule the universe.

3. The ‘Let Me List Them for You’ Headline

This one goes hand in hand with the ‘Numbers Game’ headlines mentioned earlier. They appeal to a wide audience and actually inspire a whole lot of clicks compared to other types of headlines.

Why does it work?

Raise your hand if you’ve clicked on a headline similar to “10 Ugly Truths That a Pretty Website Can’t Hide”, or “20 Things You’ll Remember If You’re a Kid Of The 80’s”. Ok, you can put your hand down now. We love these kinds of lists, and it’s one of the reasons why Buzzfeed is so popular. Know what number elicits the most clicks? And anyone who can tell me why will earn big bonus points from me. Tell me below in the comments.what's-your-content-marketing-strategy

What you should keep in mind:

Don’t just provide a bulleted list. Once your reader has clicked through, give them a juicy tidbit of content (text or image or both) on that point. Make that list better than any other list on that topic.

4. The ‘Fastest Waycaptivating-headlines-increase-your-traffic’ Headline

Sometimes people don’t want the best, and they don’t want easy – they want fast. In some industries, you see personas that are always in panic mode, needing something done yesterday. Here’s where you come in.

Why does it work?

As we mentioned before, there are certain fields where your audience is always in a rush, or at least want immediate gratification. (learn a new language, lose weight, get rich…etc.) If you’re in field like this, you can pretty much guarantee that speed is what your audience desires.

What you should keep in mind:

In other fields where quality is stressed over speed, there will be a time and place for your quick remedy, and the clicks will come rolling in. Looking for a good example? Just look at any get-rich-quick scheme, “The Fastest Way To Earn $10,000 From Home”. Not that I’ve ever clicked on one of these…

5.  The ‘Well Defined’ Headline

While some ‘marketing pros’ swear by creating a mysterious and intriguing title, make sure to never leave your audience hanging without a clue as to what to expect from your blog post. The article headline needs to clearly convey and define what you will be covering in the post. Remember, no one is going to click on a vague title.

Why does it work?

People know what they’re in for when they click your well-defined headline. If someone is searching for something, the internet can be ridiculously overwhelming in the sheer amount of results that it will throw at you. People will not take the time to click on every single vaguely related article to what they actually need. They will click on the headline that most clearly states that this article is exactly what they are looking for.


Here’s a not so captivating title: “Falafel Recipe”. No bueno.

Here’s a captivating title that your audience will click on: “Easiest Falafel Recipe You Need To Try Right Now”. Not only is it more captivating but it’s much better for your SEO.

6. The ‘Best’ Headline

Everyone wants the best- it’s just a fact. These headlines are powerful SEO tactics. ‘Best’ headlines speak right to the common web searcher, and in turn, the majority of your targeted audience. Think of this, if you’re searching for ways to save money, wouldn’t you be intrigued by the best way? Or would you be satisfied with any old way? That’s what we thought.

Why does it work?

Refer to the first line of the previous paragraph…

What you should keep in mind:

If you’re marketing the ‘best’ way of doing, obtaining, looking at, thinking about something…it darn well better be. Offer captivating, original, relevant information, and give your readers a sense of being in on the biggest, best secret when they’re done. If you don’t provide this, that promise of ‘the best’ is just clickbait. (See more on clickbait below). For example, “The Best Ways To Avoid Clickbait Titles”. Small joke;)

7. The ‘Clickbait’ Headline


Lastly, here is one of the most controversial of captivating headlines. Why is it so controversial? Because there is a bad connotation that goes along with the phrase ‘clickbait’, which is that is that once you have been baited to click, you soon discover that there nothing on that other side of that link that you are actually interested in, but rather something that contains something someone wants you to buy or change your mind about. Reputable marketers shy away from it, and savvy internet users avoid them. So why are they on our list?

Why does it work?

It works, because as the name suggests, it baits your audience to click. “Man Tries to Hug a Wild Lion; You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!” Yes, this is an actual article headline.  How do I know? I’ve clicked on it. We’re all susceptible. And where did it lead? To a spam site.

I still sit up at night wondering what happened next.

What you should keep in mind:

So that your audience does not start to become wary of your content, use clickbait titles sparingly, and most important of all…have solid, relatable, interesting, well rounded, well written, quality content at the other end of that clickbait headline! Clickbait is acceptable only when it leads the reader to authentic, relevant content that relates to the headline rather than leading the reader astray.

Do you need help writing captivating headlines, and building your SEO?  Talk to us  today about ways we can help your search visibility! Here for you. 


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