Get Yer Somethin’-Somethin’ Down

You know how when you know something, you’ve heard something, you’ve sort- of subscribed to this something but you don’t really embrace the something until you hear it from someone else?

Or you didn’t hear it the right way…in the right words, the words that made you go: “whoa.”

And then one day you do! You hear it like it’s never been said before. The heavens open up and “laaaaaaaa!”, you suddenly get it.

I got it when I heard the ever brilliant, very young but wise voice of Derek Halpern say it in an online class that I’m taking of his called “Blog That Converts”. Amongst other toney nuggets of shmartie stuff, Derek, in one of his early modules talks about not having 10 or 11 comma’s to describe what you do, but rather having your 1 Superpower Solution. That’s it. That’s the light bulb. [Read more...]


Week 2 of our Mom to Mompreneur Now! tele-summit ended with a big whahoo! And as Jennifer and I sat


through both Jane Pollak’s interview on Tuesday and Kathy McShane’s interview on Thursday clasping hands and praying to our respective Gods that no technical snafoo’s would occur, I can happily report that we made it through both events with no lost connections, no hang ups, and plenty of interaction. We built it, we spread it, people came. Maybe Kevin Costner was right after all. Both Jane and Kathy were oh so generous with their time, their tips and their stories, folks actually asked questions and were able to walk away with a huge amount of value which I’m hoping they plan on putting to god use ASAP.


Are you a-scared of technology? Does the idea of doing social media make your eyes roll back in your head? Are you clueless and exhausted at the idea of making sure you’re business is front and center when people are looking for you? Fear no more (insert loud drumroll and trumpets). This week we tackle the technical side of being found like it’s kindergarten. You’ll walk away saying “this is what I was so afraid of? Easy Peazy stuff!”


Tuesday, Oct. 16 1:00 PM EST: Come join us when Lena West of Influence Expansion, Social Media Guru to the stars, joins us at Mom to Mompreneur Now! (ok, officially being shortened here to M2MPNow to share her vast knowledge,and to help you learn how to work smart, not hard with your social media- something I am personally chomping at the bit for, in her talk:


Get to the Money Behind the Media: How to Leverage Your Social Media Influence to Drive Real Business Growth


Monetizing social media has been akin to trying to stay away from the dessert table – difficult, but not impossible. Whether you want to call it monetization or ROI, the bottom line is the same: everyone wants to know what they’re going to get if they spend their time using social media.


  • How can you REALLY get to the money behind social media and use social channels to build revenue streams, land more clients and sustain passive income.
  • Look for the hidden cash flow sources in your social media marketing
  • Identify the people who influence you
  • Get others to willingly spread the word about your products and services
  • Redefine monetization and get on with reaping the rewards of expanded online influence


Tuesday Oct. 16 6:30 PM Join me at the EWN October Dinner at the Stamford Marriott where I’ll be helping you get FOUND online with Do-It-Yourself SEO, and tips your webmaster won’t share with you. click here for more info on this fun night, which includes dinner and a drink.


Thursday Oct. 18 1:00 PM EST It’s my turn to be interviewed and share with you what you need to know about creating a monetized blog or website:check it out:




Get Noticed: Create a Blog that Makes Money While You Sleep


Here’s what you’ll walk away with, and when we’re done, you’ll be able to ask me questions online or on the phone:


  • How to structure your blog correctly the first time around (and save you lots of $)
  • What key ingredients are necessary to transform your blog into a cash machine
  • What content SELLS
  • How to monetize your blog with affiliates
  • How to get your blog in front of the people you want to serve….fast




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Branding Chinatown

branding-chinatownMy daughter’s best friend had her cell phone stolen last night in Chinatown. The day before we’re about to leave this wonderful city, Madisyn’s 2-week-old Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G was lifted from her back pocket as we were winding our way through the hawkers with their “Louise Vuitton’s” splayed across the Canal Street sidewalk on bed sheets. She realized it minutes after leaving a clothes shop she’d been in, and that’s all it took. Whoosh. Gone. Tears ensued. Her dad was going to be sooooooooo mad. All her photo’s of the day-a full day too, filled with great shots- up on the Highline for a picnic breakfast on the green, the gloriously sunny day spent in Central Park watching the crazy skaters and dancers, the zoo, with all those photo opps of kids and animals, then onto the Plaza to show Madisyn the Eloise Store and where Becca had her high tea 5th birthday party in the Palm Court. All gone. A cell phone is so much more than a cell phone these days. [Read more...]

Image Is Everything; Don’t be Afraid to Re-Brand

I’m walking down Prince Street yesterday having just come out of the dentists office, where my dental hygienist sub, not my usual Theresa, must have been having a really bad day. My mouth felt like a HAZMAT truck had made a wrong turn and landed there. Besides that I’d just spent $40 to deep condition my hair and now it was drizzling out and my hair did not seem to care that I’d just dropped $40. I could feel it rising Medusa-like like about to encircle my head in a halo of frizz. What the heck? [Read more...]