Huge Traffic Generating Strategy #9…Build a Lead Generating Website

Or: The Big Kahoona of All Traffic Generating Strategies

build a lead generating websiteWelcome- to the launch of the new Omaginarium website, which, as you can see is also my blog, all wrapped up into one pretty package.

As much as I do this for a living, I have to say, that at 3 AM this morning when we were still perfecting the CSS, and fixing glitches, that this has been, by far, one of the toughest projects I’ve taken on by far.

It’s a classic case of the Type A personality designing her own showcase.

Ey Chihuahua.

Much easier designing someone else’s website. My poor, poor developer. I’m sure he’s drinking heavily today.

Not to mention the issue of the plumber with the leaky pipes. Once my blog crashed (for all that are not aware of that, yes, big crash back in early June-thank goodness for Archives and back up) (Got that?) it became apparent that as much as I’d been putting off creating the new site, there was no getting around it now, even with the 3 big projects and 4 new clients I’d recently taken on.

But, whatever! We plunged head in, and this is the result, 2 months later after many a sleepless night and very, very patient developer.

Because My Shiny New Lead Generating Website had To Be:

  • good, great fabulous,
  • it had to be super duper functional,
  • it had to be a lead generating machine
  • it couldn’t be obnoxiously so
  • it had to keep people on the site
  • it had to be easy to navigate
  • it had to be focused and not all over the place
  • it had to contain fun and really valuable content
  • it had to sport some sexy new tools
  • it had to grow my email list
  • it had to drive conversions
  • and most of all, it had to represent me. What I stand for
  • Meaning- it had to have a clear message of what I do and how I help people grow their businesses

No pressure…… [Read more...]

Huge Traffic Strategy # 8: Promote Your Blog by Re-Purposing Content into Other Formats Across the Web

Or: Grow Your List by Re-purposing Your Content…carefully, but maniacally (heh heh)

promote your blog by re-purposing contentContent drives traffic. Known fact. But if your website or blog is still relatively untouched by others, it’s imperative that you take matters into your own hands and share the heck out of it.


Then what?

Lets say you write a blog, or better yet, lets say you write short bulleted tips on your website that you want others to see so that they might understand the great value you offer. Helpful tips. The more the subject is re-enforced across media platforms the more weight your content holds.  [Read more...]

Huge Traffic Strategy #6: Create Joint Venture Partnerships

create joint venture relationshipsThe #1 biggest factor that led to my website traffic skyrocketing within the past year-from a measly 250- ish subscribers to 5 times that last I checked, well ok yesterday, has come from 1 event that I launched with a friend, our Momtomompreneur Now! Tele-summit, almost 1 year ago.

Prior to producing this event, I’d done a lot of homework on joint ventures and what that all meant in regards to website traffic, – how to maximize results from collaborating and building relationships with other “in kind” businesses, but had yet to experiment with the concept. [Read more...]

Huge Traffic Strategy #5: Join Blog Communities and Link Roundups

omaginarium supercharge girlWhat to do when no one wants to post your epic high quality awesome guest blog post? Why post it to the all inclusive, just say YES non-judgmental blogging community. There is one out there, and they like you. Yes, they like you.

  1. 1. Post to Blogging Communities

There is a sea of blogging sites that are there for you and, as long as your blog is not total ca-ca, they will open their arms and welcome you into their warm bosom, giving you blog love, back links, and hopefully, if you treat them with respect, a large community of traffic back to your site, engaging with you. [Read more...]