The 4 Best Ways to Monetize a Blog

The 4 Best Ways to Monetize a Blog

Monetize a blog or website by  using the following strategies I outline in this video.  Affiliate marketing, writing product or book reviews, using Google Adsense and selling your own products such as ebooks, CD’s, training video’s, etc. will get you off on the right track.

First things first though. None of this can happen without this happening first. So let’s monetize that blog and make some money. The 4 best ways to monetize a blog in order of priority. Creating multiple streams of income is the ultimate goal, right? You hear it everywhere and it sounds oh so good.

So pay attention. I get you going here, and for additional help, contact me here

Create a Monetized Blog

“What else can be done on my website or blog to make income besides selling my amazing services?” I get asked this all the time. All the time. Do you wonder how and why so many people are hip to the blogosphere, pumping out blog after blog? Towards what end? There are many ways to monetize your blog so that you are “making money in your sleep” as they say…, which honestly, sounds like a whole lot better than getting up and down 3 times to let the cat on and out, which is what I did last night. Grr….

Here’s the thing though, and this is what all those affiliate marketing guru’s neglect to tell you: it doesn’t just happen overnight. Monetizing a blog takes time, and a faithful following, as you can have the best possible info/products/services EVER posted on your blog, but if you don’t have traffic to your site you ain’t gonna sell the goods; I’m sorry to say. [Read more...]

Work Smart, Not Hard. Really

There once was a telesummit. And then it ended. It had all kinds of hoopla attached to it: great press, lots of media coverage, expert guest stars, fun video’s, lots of cool new (to us) technology, 50- 60 hour weeks of prep work to launch it, enough angst and sleepless nights wondering when were going to mess it up to fill Brooklyn’s new Barclay Stadium, a social media frenzy, a cool Facebook Group, lots and lots of new contacts, a shiny new mailing list, JV partners, great material for new blog posts and newsletter content, heck we even had a legal agreement. It was an official “thing”.
And, yeah, then it ended.
In the meantime, prior to our launch, I’d had clients, and then during the project didn’t have time for many of them and so back burnered them. My funnel, which used to be there..(really! I had one! ), all but disappeared, because, well that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to your funnel: they move on.

My time, which a few weeks earlier had been so filled that I barely had time to throw food at my kids during a drive by, despite my commitment to walking the walk of and teaching the skills to be able to ‘work smart, not hard’ now was suddenly, well, there again. We were, at least for the time being, until the next project launch, essentially…. freed up.
Dan Kennedy, master marketing guru, talks about bundling your days into projects, rather than having to-do lists with 12 different non-relating items on them as being much more efficient. He claims, and I agree, that when we break our to-do lists into tasks of unrelated items, our ability to focus and do a superior job at these tasks is compromised. In other words, we end up, like so many of our over-medicated kids, on an ADD bender, accomplishing a few of each days tasks, but none too well and rarely finishing. Dan goes on to equate project bundling with the way an actor working on a project would manage his/her time. While preparing for the role, he/she would be totally focused on learning her lines, once on set, she would be immersed in taking on the role and interacting with the other actors, etc. His point is that while immersed in a project, the really good actors have blinders on; there is nothing else.
Agreed. I’ve tried it both ways and I’m with Dan.
That being said, here in lies the danger…..see first five paragraphs.
There is a delicate balance to be had in total project emersion and taking your eye off the ball. Us small business folks can’t afford to do that. Once we’re the next Bradley Cooper, then perhaps maybe- Bradley’s got people to handle the rest of his life. But we little wee folk? Not quite yet. We can strive for this, that can be our goal; the day our “handlers” make sure all of our balls are neatly spinning on without us, but until that day comes, immerse away, for sure, but don’t forget your funnel!!
This much I can happily report, which gives me a bit of an “aaaah”: my blog continued and still continues to run on auto pilot- not the writing of the blog posts of course, but the automated pieces that run in the background while the telesummit ran me. It makes money for me, and keeps me very happy.
That’s the good news.
Now then, due to my 75% negligence of my consulting and mentoring practice over these last 3 months, it’s time for me to make a win- win proposition for us all, so come on over here where you can learn how to do the same, and make some money while you get some sleep!


In the doubtful but possible event that you might not yet be aware that today is the launch of the first session of the first Mom to Mompreneur Now! tele-summit lets set it straight here.

  • It has been quite the journey leading up to this point
  • What a learning experience! Didn’t know that my brain could absorb so much. Big points to the power of Gingko. I’m not kidding
  • Am finally able to tap into your
  • Address them! For instance:
  • Pain: Never enough time to get it all done? Solution: Jane Pollak, 10/9, Lena West 10/16
  • Pain: Spending way too much time on Social Media for meh results? Solution: Lena West 10/16
  • Pain: Feeling alone, isolated,and like you need a Board of Advisors? Solution: Jane Pollak, 10/9
  • Pain: You know you should be marketing , but how?? Solution: Kathy McShane, 10/11
  • Pain: You’ve heard about blogs that “make money while you sleep”. How do you do that? Solution: me, Suzen, 10/18
  • Pain: No idea how to get your biz out in front of the perfect client? Solution: Aliza Sherman, 10/23
  • Pain: Hate “selling”..but know you have to, to grow your biz? Solution: Karen Graves, 10/25
  • Pain: Having trouble juggling all the balls? How to do all this and still be a great parent? Without

This is the first time I’ve really, truly, authentically looked deeply inward to pull out and address all of my own pain points and frustrations from throughout the years, ones that I just know are shared by so many, from speaking to so many parents in business, and not just moms, but dads as well….and made a concerted effort to address them, here, in this series, a labor of love. The frustration of overwhelm, too many choices, needing to make more money but feeling stuck. These are the issues we are going to dig deep into, so that you can learn to work smart, not hard…

Our first event, with MasterMind Guru, Jane Pollak, entitled,“Mastermind Groups: The Benefits of Scheduling Support in Your Business” begins on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST. The series runs every Tuesday and Thursday until October 30, 2012. Replays of each session will be available within 24 hours of the event so that you can listen anytime, anywhere. You will receive an email for each replay link.

We’d love you to get in on the ground floor. Invest in yourself. Click here to register


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