Why Every Small Business Needs to Use Local Search Directories

get found using local directoriesYou’re out running errands and you remember your friend suggested a great new bakery somewhere in town, but you can’t remember the name.

So you grab your smartphone and you Google – “Bakery in My Town, CT”.

Several listings pop-up. The top two have 4+ reviews and the last three have so-so reviews. Guess which store you are likey to pick first? Yup –one of the 2 with great reviews- and it may not be the bakery your friend recommended. Now, if you were both on Google + you could see which bakery your friend recommends, but more on that in a bit.

Competition for your services/products/expertise is at an all-time high thanks in part to online shopping, and in part to the sheer volume of businesses vying for your attention. We (as business owners) need to scream above the noise “MY BUSINESS IS THE BEST – COME TO ME”!!! [Read more...]

Huge Traffic Strategy #4: Offsite Online Marketing

Did you follow me there? Don’t let the title confuse you: the bottom line is this: your website is not going to market itself. Just because you build it does NOT mean they will come.

Sorry Kevin Costner. I did love Field of Dreams but that was all it was—a dream.

Our Huge traffic Strategy #2- Create Great Content will only work to draw people in once they’ve already been to your site and have been blown away by your amazingly interesting (entertaining/mortifying/fill in the blank). The thinking here is that they will be coming back.

But how do you get them there in the first place?

We’ve reviewed 2 ways, earlier in our Huge Traffic Strategies Series already, but lets quickly review: [Read more...]