My Muhammad Ali Moment

*This was originally written/ published in 2011; one of the first blogs I ever wrote and before I found my niche. It was a profound snippet  in my life then,  and now, upon his death, a nostalgic and touching reminder of how lucky I was to have had that snippet.

The following is a true story:

muhammad-ali-omaginariumMuhammad Ali and I shared a moment. It’s true. It was the year 19__, and I was in my senior year at SUNY Brockport, in upstate New York. For some reason no one could figure out, our college was chosen as the first official location of the Special Olympics. It was to be an impressive affair and I don’t think anyone at our school was prepared for the spectacle or the outpouring of celebrities,  sports figures, TV stations and huge throngs of special needs kids carted in from all over north western New York to participate. Everyone from Eunice Shriver, Teddy Kennedy, Sally Fields, Christopher Reeves, Susan St. James, and more were there, and it was filmed by WABC Wide World of Sports, featuring The Gif! (Frank Gifford) as the official announcer of the games. About 2 weeks prior to the games start, a huge sculpture was delivered to our campus and erected in front of the library- a gift from the U.S.S.R.  See below. Woah. This was our first hint of just how serious an affair this was going to be. [Read more...]

Think Like Jobs

Steve JobsI’m reading Walter Isaacsons’ Steve Jobs biography right now and am completely mesmerized by it, and with Steve Jobs, now, already a legacy. Cannot put it down.

As I’m reading it, the dots are connecting for me, for things I did not even understand back in the day when I first placed my finger upon the keyboard and used the revolutionary mouse which they brought front and center to the market as well.

My family has been long time Apple fans dating back to the once revolutionary Apple II I remember coming home from college in 1979 to find my youngest brother and my dad, who had been given one from his work with ADP, knee deep into the heart of the Apple II original spreadsheets- pre- Microsoft Excel-where my dad was teaching him to use a spreadsheet for his car detailing business. Everything was in color! From then on it was a love affair with Apple, even during “the dark years”.

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Putting Yourself Out There; Miss Scaredy Pants

If you’re in business for yourself you’ve been there. If you’re anything like me you’re probably there all the time….like every other day.

But then again, you wouldn’t be self- employed if you weren’t up to the challenge of creating a risky new project, right? I just got finished reading Seth Godin’s wonderful blog entry Out On a Limb where he talks about his newest venture and book- The Icarus Deception, feeling scared, still, 16 books and 4 insanely successful business launches later…still to this day. Earlier today as I was eating my Caesar salad in the car Al Roker was being interviewed by Joan Hamburg on WOR talking about the same thing. On national TV for the last 22 years, a household name, and still doubting his worth, still feeling scared that he won’t be accepted, or that he’ll wake up one day and it will all have been a dream. No one is immune. [Read more...]

We Like Fiverr!! Wowsa! What a find! And how deliciously addicting!!

I’d heard about it a few months back when looking for a quick graphics piece for my website that I was having trouble recreating. When I got to the site my graphics issue was soon thrown to the wayside as the “gigs” posted were so entertaining and funny that I got lost in “fiverr –land” and forgot all about my graphics until later that afternoon. [Read more...]