Huge Traffic Strategy #3: Google Just Loves Fresh Content

google loves fresh contentWhen asked what I do for small businesses, I often open asking the question:

“Would you like your website to be more than an online business card?” This usually triggers a resounding “Yeah, baby!”

What I hear between the lines in their “yeah baby”, 9 times out of 10 is frustration. Why? Because most of us are on the eternal quest for more traffic to our website, leading to more conversions from that traffic. Not many of us, save the few focussed traffic guru’s” like Derek Halpern and Ana Hoffman, are ever satisfied with the amount of traffic to their website or blog, often explained when equating to traffic noise this way:

rrribbit…rrribbit….rrrribbit… [Read more...]

We Like Fiverr!! Wowsa! What a find! And how deliciously addicting!!

I’d heard about it a few months back when looking for a quick graphics piece for my website that I was having trouble recreating. When I got to the site my graphics issue was soon thrown to the wayside as the “gigs” posted were so entertaining and funny that I got lost in “fiverr –land” and forgot all about my graphics until later that afternoon. [Read more...]