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Get yer Priorities Straight

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Suzen Pettit says work smart, hot hardIt occurs to me that my priorities are all screwy. Mondays are my blog day. I write write, write and spread, spread, spread. Right now I am sitting in the hospital OR family waiting room next to my mother waiting for my step dad, who just had vascular surgery on his other leg, to be taken up to the 6th floor. 6 months ago he had the first surgery where he went on to spend the next four months recouping from the first surgery. The nurses await his arrival with what they report is glee, but I’m sure behind the scenes that in actuality it is a nervous laugh peppered with a lot of eye rolling. He isn’t what you’d call an easy patient.

Last Thursday my colleague Jennifer and I met with Jane Pollak about her role in our upcoming telesummit series. We’re very excited about her participation. She’s produced webinars, but this is even more complex- there are even more moving parts, as there will be 6 joint venture participants, not just 1, on 6 different dates. Affiliate tracking. Auto responders. Shopping carts. Oh my!! We casually asked Jane about a few of the venders she’d used for her webinar series. Her answer? “Not sure! My VA did all of that.” Hmmmm…..

I know Jenn and I were both thinking the same thing as we heard those words come from Jane, more than once. Can you say “lightbulb”?

Smart, not hard, Smart not hard. Repeat 3x, spit, rinse and repeat.I am so used to doing things myself, to not delegating- that I’m always having to be beaten into the reality that I can’t do it all, nor should I try.

Wait just one more minute. I did have an intern, but she graduated this past May and has gone the way of most college graduates. Somewhere else.

Suzen Pettit says work smart, hot hardSo it’s time to get back on the delegation wagon. I ran home on Thursday and immediately placed an ad on Craigs List for a very techy VA. You can’t imagine how many out of work very techy VA’s there are out there. As of Sunday my choices were up to 36. So not only am I going to be smart, damn it, I’m also helping out the masses of over qualified internet savvy programmers and the like by employing one of them who has no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

Time to get my priorities straight. Going to upload this baby and take my mom out for lunch as soon as we’re sure that my step dad’s settled in.

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Digital Marketing Strategist, speaker and blogger, Suzen Pettit has been in marketing for the past 27 years wearing various hats. Founder of OMAGinarium, (an acronym for Online Marketing and Growth), Suzen’s specialty is getting small companies and doctors FOUND and helping them stay “sticky” with online marketing and website traffic strategies, social media marketing, optimized websites, SEO, blogging, and content marketing. Suzen has helped dozens of small companies, entrepreneurs and medical practices stand out, get their businesses on the map, and attract more website traffic and warm leads.

When not working hard for her clients, Suzen can be found blogging and providing content for the Patch hyper-locals, Mashable, Founders Space, Create Hype, and Steamfeed, as well as speaking on topics geared to online business growth. Suzen was recently voted #3 from Top 10 Tech and Interne Savvy Blogs of 2014, and was featured in the August issue of Tribal Woman.


  1. Jane Pollak says:

    A lot of folks would hear what I said and give up. You got the main nugget–delegate–and are moving forward. Successful people do, even though there’s risk involved.

    • you know it’s one of those things you know in your head, but then it’s so easy to fall back into old habits. Just hired a great gal Gina Nieves from Marknet group, who has put together the back end of a telesummit before, with ease. Extremely relieved!!

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