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It’s a New Dawn: Protect Your Online Reputation

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Protect your online reputation

A few months ago, The New York Times published an article on the growing services that manage clients reputations and information on the internet. Thank you Charlie Sheen for boosting an already growing field and creating jobs for thousands.

In working with doctors this issue has become the big pink elephant in the room. Recently I had an experience that brought this all to light: In searching for clients, I’ll often plug their name into a Google search just to see what comes up. On this particular day I was targeting a few Ob-Gyn practices in my area ,  doctors that I’ve known for years who I’d worked with in my last incarnation. In the medical field in particular, online review sites have become fast, furious and powerful. They overshadow and outrank even the most sophisticated of medical practice websites, and often one will have to sift through 12 or 13 before getting to a website, if in fact there is a website at all. (Another story for another day). This doctor was a pioneer in his field; was known for his cutting edge Vitamin D testing long before Vitamin D deficiencies became a buzzword, and for years had a great reputation and was very difficult to get an appointment with because he was so in demand. No more. One look at the organic search engine results and it was clear that the online review sites had this doctor by the jugular. The very top of the search engine’s review did not even need clicking into; it was on the face as clear as day, calling out to all who might be searching for a good Ob-Gyn in their area, or who may have been referred to this particular doctor and just needed to check her out online first. Not good. Not anywhere close to good. As the adage goes: one bad review can skew 100 great ones. This doctor needed damage control in a big way.
Make sure you are aware of the review sites in your particular field, both B to B and B to C. Protecting your reputation has never been more important. Also, Google Alerts is an easy way to track what the internet is saying about you or your company. Best of all its super easy and its free! All you have to do is go to Google and search news. So let’s say we wanted to track each time somebody posted something on the internet about “Reputation Management Omaginarium” or “Omagine Health Reputation Management”.  All we would need to do is add this to our Google Alerts. Each time this phrase was listed on a website, news, video or blog, Google would send you an email and let you know where the term about “Reputation Management Omaginarium” or “Omagine Health Reputation Management” was listed. And while you’re at it, google yourself every now and then. It’s just as important as running a credit check on yourself!

About Suzen

Digital Marketing Strategist, speaker and blogger, Suzen Pettit has been in marketing for the past 27 years wearing various hats. Founder of OMAGinarium, (an acronym for Online Marketing and Growth), Suzen’s specialty is getting small companies and doctors FOUND and helping them stay “sticky” with online marketing and website traffic strategies, social media marketing, optimized websites, SEO, blogging, and content marketing. Suzen has helped dozens of small companies, entrepreneurs and medical practices stand out, get their businesses on the map, and attract more website traffic and warm leads.

When not working hard for her clients, Suzen can be found blogging and providing content for the Patch hyper-locals, Mashable, Founders Space, Create Hype, and Steamfeed, as well as speaking on topics geared to online business growth. Suzen was recently voted #3 from Top 10 Tech and Interne Savvy Blogs of 2014, and was featured in the August issue of Tribal Woman.


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