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Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Or: How to get more exposure, in less time, to the right audience

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Why we join networking groups, give away samples and free services, do interviews, blog, hold open houses, etc. etc.

I founded this agency after 25 years of marketing under my belt, in order to help others grow their businesses.

I found I had a knack. I figured out how to connect people, and how to draw attention to the important things.

And then I started figuring out how to get myself more exposure in less time….to the audience I needed to be in front of.

traffic building mid summer reviewAnd then I began spreading that gospel.

Now, that knack has taken a twist, because people need to be found online in order to be taken seriously these days.

It’s about a presence as much as it is about exposure.

It’s as much about credibility, track record, great reviews  as it is about your services.

It’s about traffic and links, Search Engine Optimization, and content,  as it is about your brand.

  • It’s about being seen by your target audience, not just by anyone

  • It’s about having a website that’s built to be seen rather than an online business card

It’s a strategy.

A digital marketing strategy that needs to be thought through with your goals in mind, planted, nurtured, watered, branded and tended to consistently and often.

When people ask me, which they often do, (“But what do you actually DO, Suzen?”), this is what I tell them:

I help small businesses and medical practices grow, get found, get positive and rampant exposure with online marketing strategies and Search Engine optimized websites and blogs designed to attract more clients (customers/patients).”

OMAGinarium wasn’t named OMAGinarium for nothing. It’s an acronym for Online Marketing and Growth. I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

That is my specialty, dregging you up out of Invisible Land, and creating a strategy for you, with you, to be able to grow, grow, grow, without pain, pain, pain.


Digital Marketing Strategy 101: Create An Online Presence that Converts


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