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Targeted Facebook Ads

Create a steady stream of customers and leads

Omaginarium’s targeted Facebook ads help local businesses bring in new paying customers and increase their revenue through strategic Facebook advertising campaigns.

You’ve heard the saying “Be where your people are”.  It’s more true today than ever before. And, when done right, easier than ever to be exactly where they are and targeting the people you need to reach.

Most businesses have heard by now that Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways of advertising on the planet because of its’ sophisticated way of reaching your audience, however, finding the time to create and execute effective, convertible ads either eludes them or they simply do not have time to devote to it.

  • Anyone can create a Facebook post.

  • Not everyone can create and launch effective ad strategies that get you the results you’re looking for 

We know how to get folks to click. We know how to get them to take action.

Omaginarium takes the stress away when it comes to running effective ads by jumping in head first for you and your business. We don’t waste your money. Our Facebook ads experts have helped dozens of companies like yours get results. You can sit back, do what you do best (run your business), and let us do what we do best (help your business get leads and customers) .

Want new leads and customers on a consistent basis?

  1. We need to understand your business, your brand, your needs and your budget first, so let’s talk.
  2. Then we agree on how you want to move forward

Ready to stop putting it off? Talk to us today about a targeted Facebook ads lead generation plan that suits you and your company, today:



Word on the Street

Suzen is a great mind for your business.  After spending 2 decades as a senior corporate marketing exec it is refreshing to work with someone who is agile, smart and unbounded.  Suzen brought a fresh perspective to our urgent care centers on many levels; adjusting our lenses with regard to driving web traffic, leveraging social media, creating new and different tools designed to “spread” naturally through the internet, and ultimately increasing walk-ins.  She is also a groovy and edgy chick who isn’t afraid to push the limits and challenge boundaries.  I highly recommend consulting with Suzen and the folks at Omaginarium.Tom Kelly, Owner


I am basically clueless as it relates to social media.  The Omaginarium team worked with me and did a fantastic job of creating more exposure for my company, improving my web site and making very positive suggestions for change.  They are generous and very easy to work with.~Stephen Thompson,  Founder NoZebrasProductions. com



I came to Omaginarium because my website was nowhere, and when I say nowhere I mean it was nowhere. It needed optimization in a big way. My practice is only 5 years old and I finally have time to devote to getting “my word out”. Omaginarium made it so easy, doing for me what I don’t have time to do myself, creating creative forms of content to set me apart, in her words from “the maddening crowd”. I’m now getting referrals from practices that were unaware that I existed 6 months before. They’ve upped my bottom line significantly. What better testimonial is there than that?Jackson Mecalf, MD


Suzen and her team are great. She can do what she says she can do. Got me way up on Google’s first page. ~Joseph Carbonaro,