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Image Is Everything; Don’t be Afraid to Re-Brand

I’m walking down Prince Street yesterday having just come out of the dentists office, where my dental hygienist sub, not my usual Theresa, must have been having a really bad day. My mouth felt like a HAZMAT truck had made a wrong turn and landed there. Besides that I’d just spent $40 to deep condition my hair and now it was drizzling out and my hair did not seem to care that I’d just dropped $40. I could feel it rising Medusa-like like about to encircle my head in a halo of frizz. What the heck? [Read more...]

Don’t Have a Facebook Business Page? Time to Suck It Up and Create One Today

When I went in to kiss her goodnight the other night and found my daughter under the covers “friending” Justin Bieber I knew we had a problem. Yeah, she’s addicted, as are most of her friends. My college roommate, my ex , and several friends who claim they are not, are for sure. I’m sorry, but anyone posting 3 or more posts per day on Facebook is officially a Facebook addict and needs to just fess up and either stop living in denial and go with it or join FBA (Facebook Anonymous). But please, do us all a favor and stop saying that you’re not an addict, because we ALL know that you are.

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Lost Computer: Good Times

It had been a blissful two weeks. I had just gotten back from what I call vacation, and other’s call Suzen’s Insanity> 2 weeks of a “my lake house for your apartment “house swap in August. Friends (and my mother) didn’t get it. Two weeks in August in the sweltering streets of Manhattan? And who, exactly were these people? And why, exactly won’t they be interested in pocketing your grandmothers’ good silver? Although I invited a chosen few down, most just shook their heads and muttered a faint “thanks but no thanks”. A few brave souls ventured in. No mind, to me it was the equivalent of 2 weeks on the French Riviera. You can have your beach. Sun. Cancer. Danger. Give me the streets of NY any day. [Read more...]

Hearing Vs. Listening: Lessons from Step Aerobics Class

It occurred to me last week in my Step Aerobics class that I was getting better, which was nothing if not awe inspiring considering my aversion to the idea of “step aerobics” just one year ago when I defensively announced to anyone in my gym who suggested that I try it how woefully pathetic I was at it the one time I’d tried it about 15 years prior. Yes, that sad Tuesday morning I’d loudly and with great flourish, fallen, twisted my ankle and landed squarely on my bum after rolling- yes rolling-onto the lady next to me and knocking her off of her step as well. She wasn’t amused. That was the end for me, and I’d made a big point of making that known to anyone who would dare to suggest I get back on the horse. I was a buffoon, had 2 left feet, wasn’t quick enough, etc. etc. really any excuse that served me that day to avoid ever trying step again. And anyway, wasn’t “step” so ‘80’s’ anyway? [Read more...]