Social Media Training

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Is Social Media Training What You’ve Been Looking For? 


A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Does this sound like your social media strategy?


Yours and about 50% of the rest of the world. You’re not alone.
The real question is, has that been effective for your business.

Ask yourself:

• Is your current social media strategy driving business to your website or your business?
• Is it dynamic enough to get people excited about it- sharing, commenting, and clicking?
• Do you know what your goals are? What should you expect from executing a social media strategy?
• Do you feel like you’re talking to a big empty room when you post?

You know that social media is important right? It can help you build your brand awareness and create more sales! But if you’re like many, time is precious and there’s so much to learn. Where do you start? What’s important? How much time and money should you invest?

At Omaginarium Digital Marketing in Brookfield, CT, we offer tailored social media training and management solutions -choices- to fit your goals and your wallet.


~The ultimate goal  of social media is to achieve your goals and show off your business in its best possible light, while setting it apart from the crowd. This is where you can showcase your business’ personality. which in turn creates trust, and as we say in the biz…stickiness.~


Here’s what you need to consider when making your choices of  how to manage your social media marketing:

  • Do you have a point person, whether that be you or an employee who is willing and has the time to devote to your social media on a regular basis?
  • Do you want to be more hands on, or do you simply not have the time to devote to learning and implementing on a consistent basis?

social-media-training The way you answer these 2 question will determine if you are in need of social media team training, which consists of meeting with you and/ or your team, either via Skype if not local, or in person if within a 50 mile radius of Brookfield, CT on a regular, usually bi-weekly basis until you have it down. It’s a series of 4, 6, or 8 sessions. We know what works and we’ll show you how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. It’s that simple. You’ll gain a full understanding of how to harness the power of the Social Media networks that will most effectively work for your brand.


If you have been implementing your own social media for a while and are simply in need of some tweaking and Q and A, we offer Social Media Consulting, where we take a full picture look at what you’ve been doing up until now to gather an understanding of your platform and strengths and weaknesses and come up with a plan, together with you to make you a social media guru in your own right. We offer targeted suggestions and strategies driven by your goals. Ultimately, we want YOU to COMMAND your social media!


If at the end of the day, you decide that your staff would be better served elsewhere, and you simply don’t have the time that it takes to devote to growing your brand consistently* (key word) online, our full service Social Media Management are always available.

Talk to us today to discuss whether social media training is the right choice for you


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