8 Top Tips to Increase Blog Comments

no -commentProbably the number 1 biggest complaint I get from frustrated, beleaguered bloggers is that of the empty, lonely comments box. I know, I tell them, I have been there, and often times, I’m still there, resorting to a steady stream of urgent pleas for interaction from my faithful. Payments sometimes work, especially for a teen comment. But still, we all quietly want to increase our blog comments. Admit it.

I’ve let all this go, slowly, for the most part, as I’ve found that in the last 3 years of steady blogging, slowly but surely my readership has, indeed increased and so has the response rate. Somewhat. Understand however, that just because folks aren’t commenting does NOT mean they are not reading, absorbing and appreciating your words. Did you get that? I said “Not much of a correlation!” Did I make your day?

I’ll let you in on how I came to this realization, and then began to happily track it on Google Analytics to make sure I wasn’t fantasizing this: I was on line in Starbucks one day about 2 years ago when an acquaintance on line behind me whose daughter goes to school with mine casually told me how much she enjoys reading my blogs in The Patch.

Really? People read my blogs in The Patch? I had no idea. [Read more...]

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