5 Most Effective Strategies to Expand Your Network

By nature I’m a crummy networker. I know this might strike you as odd, coming from someone who teaches how to attract business, but this is a fact. I’m a crummy social networker, I’m a crummy Happy Hour go-er, I’m a crummy Chamber of Commerce attendee, and in general I’m a crummy schmoozer. When given a choice I’d rather go to the small dinner party rather than to the bar, would rather be one to one coaching a client friend than stand in front of a crowd and speak; no one would ever mistake me for the “life of the party”. That would have been my ex husbands job. And I was glad he was there to take on that role as it got me off the hook. One can see how this might prove a bit problematic given my field of choice, which relies heavily on attracting clients so that I can help others do the same.

So early on I realized that if I really wanted to help others expand their reach to gain new customers that I needed to lead by example. Hence I’ve developed a series of systems that have not only worked for me, but have allowed me to expand my “list” and networking reach x4 within the past 2 years. And growing.

Here are my top 5 techniques designed to increase your exposure and expand your list of targeted clients. Try them and be consistent and disciplined with them, and I promise that within 6 months you will have increased your presence in front of an audience that looks forward to your involvement and needs your services: [Read more...]

Email Marketing : alive and well

You can relax now. All this buzz about blogging. Blah-blah-blah-blah- blogging. Will she never shut up about the many great virtues of blogging? Probably not, but today I will give you all a break and tell you what you’ve been longing to hear for a while now: email marketing is still alive. Yes, it’s true, alive and well, and yes, converting leads to customers. I’ve felt this for a long while now, but with all the buzz about social media being the place to be, no wait, blogging, no wait, video marketing, no, wait once more —you get the picture, we seem to have thrown poor worn down email marketing under the bus, along with the VHS tapes. Its’ efficacy continues to be debated – I recently had the conversation with one of my Master Mind partners, so Kim this blog is for you! You can all take a deep sigh of relief now because if btobonline confirms what I’ve suspected, what with all of their crazy pie graphs and statistics, then we know it’s for real. I feel like I’m sounding facetious here, but honestly I’m not. [Read more...]

Content Marketing= More Business

“This seems like a lot of work for God’s sake. I have a website. I have a Facebook account. I send emails. Why do I also need to be creating all this “content”?” I can heeeeaaaaaaaaar you!

Let’s discuss:

In order to make your business stand out these days you need more than a website. You just do, even if it’s a beautiful one, and here’s the reason why: there are many of you out there, I’m sorry to say. There are many of me out there as well, if it makes you feel any better. So, what, in this new world of information/media blasting overload and intense competition, will make you and your business stand apart and get noticed? The number of small business websites have more than quadrupled in the last 6 years. Getting noticed as the clear choice is getting harder and harder, unless you are in an industry with no competition. So what sets you apart? Your reputation-hopefully a good one- for sure, the quality of your work or products, yes, your great customer service, for sure. But guess what? Your competition also has a great reputation, gets referrals and has great customer service. And they give full refunds, no questions asked. So. Back you are at square 1.

The businesses that are really successful these days are the ones who are under promising and over delivering, giving extraordinary service and are being generous with their “stuff”. What “stuff”? Well lets make a list, and this is just a sampling: [Read more...]

Never Too Late to Recreate Your Wheel

So there I was, chugging along, minding my own business, creating new, optimized websites, and other online marketing tactics, when someone — a potential client — asked me if, besides my SEO and online marketing services, I could fix what was broken with theirs. They didn’t want to start over. They’d paid a lot of money for their existing website and they just didn’t have a budget to start over from scratch. Would I be willing to take a peek at their existing site and make some suggestions? And perhaps fix that? Do adolescent girls whine? Do trees make noise falling in the woods even if no one’s there to hear them? Hello… yeeees!!!!!! [Read more...]