The Big Secret to Creating a Memorable Blog

how-to-write-a-blog-people-will-rememberDo you have a website with great content but, alas, are not getting the traffic you were hoping for?

You’ve done all the things we’ve walked through in the Traffic Series , shared your content throughout social media, optimized it up the wazoo, but still your missing consistent traffic. Is your opt-in box getting rusty with the non-signer-uppers?

If you’ve been shaking your head yes through all of the above, then you’re on the right track, but missing a critical segment. Not to worry! Let me enlighten you to the 4 big, simple secrets of how to create a blog, or a website that people will remember. You most certainly can Get Found, Get Heard, Get Crackin’, and stay that way.

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Boost Your Sales and Grow Your Business This Year


  • How many times have you woken up frustrated because you know you should have more business?
  • You are working like a dog, doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing, and yet sales are not where they should be?
  • You’re spinning your wheels, have listened to dozens of guru’s and yet still, nothing changes.
  • Your online marketing strategy is NO strategy. You just throw stuff out there when you can.

And you need it to change. You need it to change right now.

We all feel this same sense of urgency in the spring. Spring is the season of renewal, of change, of growth. Your bottom line is not where it should be and you know your marketing needs a clear strong strategy and a powerful boost and you’ve tried it all

I so know this feeling. Have so been there, until I figured it out. It took a lot of bumps, and false starts…just like you, but I am now in a position to pay it back, to help you get to where you need to be, for 2013 and beyond.

I’m here to help wade through the muck of marketing shiny objects to pump you through to the other side.

In the name of spring, I’ve taken my online marketing consulting, mentoring and mastermind programs to the next level and have created 3 totally customized programs for you to choose from, with spring special prices.

No free video to lure you in and then pounce on you. Shooting straight from the hip here. No one can do it alone- not me, not my own amazing mentors, and not you.

We all need support and guidance. Invest in yourself.

Consulting, Mentoring and Mastermind Groups:

You know what you want but you can’t seem to make it happen. You know the services that you need, or at least you think you do. But do you? Really?

What is going to help you be more efficient, save time and grow your business? Weekly chunks of direction to help you target your marketing demons in the most efficient ways. Here’s the skinny:

On Site Website and Marketing ConsultingFor you and/or your team:

For the business owner who wants to learn how to do it themselves, a series of 6 one hour weekly sessions strategizing key components of how to maximize your exposure by optimizing your existing website.

Workshops include focus on the following Optimization components:

  • Goal setting: initial strategy session where we hone in on your marketing and growth goals
  • Complete initial website and online marketing analysis and audit of what is currently being done to maximize exposure
  • Backlinking, Keyword, tag and basic SEO structural Workshop
  • Content and offsite Marketing Workshop
  • Social Media/Email marketing Workshop
  • Blogging for traffic Workshop

$130 per Session, billed monthly. Must book a minimum of 6 sessions. Book 12 sessions and receive 20% discount off package. Technical work provided is billed on an hourly basis at $75 per hour. Through this Friday April 12, at midnight only

One on One Mentoring Sessions:

Individual coaching where we work together twice per month to build on your marketing plan and execute. I teach you how to be hands on and offer resources for tasks beyond your scope. Cost: $130 per session, billed monthly. Minimum of 6 coaching sessions, custom created with mutually agreed upon timelines. Book 12 sessions and receive 20% discount on package. Through this Friday, April 12, Only, $110 per session

Mastermind Group:


SPACE IS LIMITED TO ENSURE ENOUGH TIME FOR EVERYONE !! Beginning Monday May 6: A 6 month bi-weekly intensive Mastermind group – 90 minute sessions, focusing on a different key area each month.










  • Demons, gremlins, overcoming obstacles
  • Supportive and targeted
  • Group participation and Q and A
  • private Facebook page where we can interact and support each other
  • Ongoing access to me through the Facebook page and email


Special Pricing ends FRIDAY at midnight EST

ONLY 5 REMAINING SPOTS. This group needs to remain small so that everyone can get the attention they deserve


Do yourself a favor, make 2013 the year you invest in yourself, your marketing and your future.











Who Are You And Why Should We Care?

Call it “Law of Attraction”, call it fate. This morning just before gearing up to upload my new video I was putzing around listening to a podcast of my newest online obsession and hero Derek Halpern. He motivates me and gets me going like no one else these days. This was his 2nd in what’s turned out to be a hugely successful podcast series- and how does he open? RIGHT after his short intro -to himself- he points out that every week of this podcast he will have a different intro. Why? Because it differentiates him. It makes him stand out from all the rest of the podcasters jumping on the i tunes podcast bandwagon.

Ka-boom! This is what I’m talkin’ about:

Never Too Late to Recreate Your Wheel

So there I was, chugging along, minding my own business, creating new, optimized websites, and other online marketing tactics, when someone — a potential client — asked me if, besides my SEO and online marketing services, I could fix what was broken with theirs. They didn’t want to start over. They’d paid a lot of money for their existing website and they just didn’t have a budget to start over from scratch. Would I be willing to take a peek at their existing site and make some suggestions? And perhaps fix that? Do adolescent girls whine? Do trees make noise falling in the woods even if no one’s there to hear them? Hello… yeeees!!!!!! [Read more...]