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Traffic Strategy #7: Write Reviews or Top 10 Lists

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traffic strategy #7 create top 10 listsCreating traffic to your website should never be a lonely affair. Although creating the initial strategy is a one person job, once your strategy

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has been set, the fastest way to be bringing more traffic and grow your list is through collaboration, either through

JV Partnerships or Link Roundups and Blogging Communities.

Here’s another great way to multiply the outreach and subsequent blog traffic:

Curate a list of favorites within your niche; topics and writers who compliment your services. Think ‘what would my audience benefit from knowing that does not directly compete with my services?’

Take Omaginarium for example:

I could write a “10 Best” list of my favorite Social media Experts. “The Top 10 Social Media Experts to follow”…or Top 20! Or…”The Top 10 Most Creative Content Marketers”, The 10 Best WordPress Plug-ins for generating Traffic” and on and on.

In these top 10 lists I would research the experts, give an example of their work, write a small blurb about what I find valuable about them, and of course give a link back to their site, and maybe a link to one of my favorite articles that they’ve written; the one that pushed me to name them on this list.

Then I’d send them an email letting them know that they are included in my Top 10 List, and include the link to the article I’d written and cited them in.

This is a huge honor! Now I ask you, what would you do if someone just informed you that you made their Top 10 list of a published article or blog post?

Why, unless it’s an embaressingly poorly written article you would share it with your followers, that’s what! Not only is this a huge compliment, but it’s great marketing for them as well, so of course they are going to share it, both through their Social Media as well as in their emails, their blogs, etc. This is a Coup for everyone on the list.

Why Creating a Top 10 List Creates Traffic to Your Website

Now, lets do the math: Take 10 authoritative, heavily followed bloggers or niche experts, who probably have a minimum of 5000 email list followers, many upwards of 60, 000, so lets give them an average of 25,000 followers, and multiply them by 10, you now have 250,000 additional people your post is now being exposed to just through email.

Now look at their social media following, and again take an average:

  • 25,000 Facebook page fans
  • 25,000 Twitter Follower (usually many more, but still, we’ll skew low for this purpose)
  • 10,000 LinkedIn followers
  • 5000 Google Plus followers
  • 400 Pinterest followers

and these are just their own; does not account for:

  • guest posts,
  • article marketing
  • mentions on others blogs
  • citings in trade newsletters
  • citings and collabarations from Joint Venture partners
  • etc., etc.

I think you get the picture of the enormity of the possibilities here. All of this sharing will have a link back to your l’il old Top 10 Social Media Experts To Follow’.

Here’s an important point however, before you get all hot and bothered under the collar and run out to create that first Review Column, or Top 10 List:

This will only work if the quality of your post is top notch, if the content is authentic and written from the heart.

It becomes glaringly apparent when someone writes a post simply for the exposure, the link juice or the SEO, and this technique can backfire, or just die a slow painful death by blacklisting. No, no…we don’t want that.

Remember that you’re writing for people, not search engines, or rankings. The more helpful and valuable the article, the more exposure it will get and the better chance to grow your list. You want people referring back to it, time and time again. That’s how you’ll be remembered and that’s how this technique will drive traffic to your blog or website.

About Suzen

Online Marketing Strategist, speaker and blogger, Suzen Pettit, has been in marketing for the past 27 years wearing various hats. Founder of OMAGinarium, (an acronym for Online Marketing and Growth), Suzen’s specialty is getting small companies and doctors FOUND and helping them stay “sticky” with marketing and website traffic strategies, social media, optimized websites, SEO, blogging, content marketing and list building. Suzen has helped dozens of small companies, entrepreneurs and medical practices stand out, get their businesses on the map, and attract more website traffic and warm leads.

When not working hard for her clients, Suzen can be found blogging and providing content for the Patch hyper-locals, Mashable, Founders Space, Create Hype, and Steamfeed, as well as speaking on topics geared to online business growth. Suzen was recently voted #3 from Top 10 Tech and Interne Savvy Blogs of 2014, and was featured in the August issue of Tribal Woman.

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