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16 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Redesign Your Website

questions-to-ask-before-redesigning-your-websiteDesigning, and re-designing a website can be overwhelming and confusing. Typically website redesign conjures up images of designers and agency types huddled in conference rooms brainstorming creative ideas. While aesthetics are important, functional and back end considerations will make all the difference in determining the effectiveness of your site. It’s not just about the package, baby, it’s what’s inside. Here are 16 essential questions to consider before you make a decision to redesign your website.


  • Is the content relevant, current and engaging, tailored to the buying cycle?
  • Is the content written with a specific target audience persona in mind?


  •  Is the site optimized for the right key words?
  • What key words are driving traffic and to which pages?
  • Are Blog, RSS, email subscription options included?
  • Does the back end include an xml sitemap and a simple to use SEO plug-in?


  • Do visitors have plenty of convenient options (sharing tools) that make it easy for them to share content?
  • And more importantly: Is your content share- worthy?

Multi-Device Enabled

  • Is the website experience conducive to all mobile and tablet platforms? In website lingo this is called “responsive design”


  • Are leads being generated from your website?
  • Do you have an off-site email and list building service that aggregates those leads?
  • Are those leads being  monitored, nurtured, converted, and closed?


  • Do you have Google Analytics ( or any analytics software) set up on your site?
  • How many visitors and leads are coming to the site?
  • Which pages are getting the most traffic?

Ease of Editing

  • Is your website set up on an easy to use platform that will allow you to add, delete or edit basic content as needed without having to rely on your website developer to do so?

Here it is, folks: The Welcome to 2015 FREE Consultation – If you answered “No” or “I am not sure” to any of these questions we should have a conversation to talk about the implications, before you re-design your website. Just click on the link below and I’ll contact you click here

4 SEO Strategies You Can Throw Out Right Now… And Replace With These

lose-these-seo-strategiesIf there’s one thing we’ve learned about search engine optimization, it’s that you can never rest on your laurels. What once worked like a charm to keep your website ranked and highly trafficked no longer does. Many of us have learned this the hard way.

What SEO strategies are working? The things I outline below. Change your mindset, lose the old tactics, and bring on the new ones I suggest here.

1.  SEO is about lots of backlinks

One of the first things people ask me when creating a marketing plan for their new business and website is how to get those backlinks I keep talking about. Back in the day, the amount of backlinks a website had had a direct relationship with rankings and website visibility. With the new( ish) Google updates over the past few years, Panda and Penguin, that ship has sailed. Google no longer looks for quantity of backlinks, rather, in their quest to up the quality of search results, they look instead for quality backlinks. Relevant backlinks.

When the SEO company JC Penny hired got canned back in 2010 for the black hat tactics of  backlinking to every site they could get their hot little hands on, despite the fact that there was no relevancy whatsoever to their products, the company was given the boot and JC Penny suffered for quite some time.

Note to selves: make sure your backlink building strategy is honest and relevant. No one will ever buy that Taiwanese chopsticks Inc. is really interested in commenting on your car repair blog. Comment, and send your content to high authority blogs and websites, and make common sense relationships with them. This is what Google looks for these days and will reward you for. Quality, not quantity.

[Read more...]

Get a Grip on Your Online Marketing for 2015

get-a-grip-on-your-online-marketing-strategyThe 2 Choices You Have for 2015:

Here’s how I see it:

You can either stick with what you’re doing, or you can start doing something new. Really the bigger question is: how successful was your bottom line last year? Compared to your 2014 goals? Is your online marketing strategy….working?

How about last year vs. the prior year…..

As we small business owners keep chugging along day after day, it often becomes hard to distinguish what business practices are working well for us- and by that I mean turning some solid ROI, vs. what we are doing because it’s what we do. Habit.

You know. The comfortable stuff.

It becomes even more confusing as so many of us  pump out more and more content with no real goal other than to hope that we get noticed….  in the hopes of increasing traffic, creating a strong brand and building a following.

Can you say “Murky”? How are you gauging your return on investment? Do you know where the main sources of your referrals are coming from ?ROI  becomes more difficult to gauge unless we are paying close attention to our Google Analytics and are really drilling down to the traffic sources. Sales Conversion is the bottom line after all, and yet these days the road to sales conversion can easily be a 7-8 step process.  [Read more...]

How to Create a Monetized Twitter Campaign

urban-selfieIt’s time to showcase the little guy creating great marketing campaigns that can be easily created…by you. After all, it’s not just the big guys with big branding and media budgets who are creating the most creative marketing campaigns these days;  it’s the little guy…gal…. as well, one of the main points I aim to showcase, in the Monday Marketing Masters series after all.

Case in point, here’s a small UK company who had a great idea and with a very tight budget, using the power and connections of their target market to create a monetized Twitter campaign that spread the word for them. Brilliant stuff. Presenting:

Pay for Your Purchase With A Selfie, aka #UrbanSelfie

This little know South African clothing retailer created one of the more creative social campaigns this year when for one day only, they gave visitors to their store a $10 coupon if they tweeted a selfie of themselves trying on some clothes and used the hash tag #UrbanSelfie. And who better than the  brands very own  teens and twenty-something, aka millennial followers, to do it for them. These millennials are tweeting their selfies on a daily basis anyway, so encouraging them to do it for a chance for a big payout.

For one day only, social media savvy customers were encouraged through Twitter and Facebook to snap selfies of themselves trying on clothes in Urban stores throughout South Africa. By using the hash tag #UrbanSelfie and following a set of instructions, engaged customers received a $10 coupon, PLUS the chance to win a $1000 new wardrobe was hardly a big stretch.

The company went a step further: Those who posted to the Urban Facebook page were also entered into a contest to win a trip to Paris, New York, Milan or any other fashion forward city of their choice.  Very enticing. As a matter of fact I wish I had been aware of it. It could have been my very first selfie. I refuse to count the one where I got the black eye from ramming my head into a deck post while on a leaf blowing frenzy. This was it: [Read more...]