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Best use of Visual Marketing ; A Monday Marketing Masters A+

I’m not a Game of Thrones fan yet…simply because the last thing I need is another addictive TV series to get sucked into, and because I’m still mourning the Breaking Bad finale. My drama quotient has reached critical mass.

That being said, HBO’s Game of Thrones season 3  wins  ‘Best Use of Visual Marketing’ in my book, and came this close to  almost having me as a convert, with its use of the mysterious dragon shadow at the core of its branding. It’s the geek in me. And I couldn’t be farther from a dungeons and dragons girl.

Its subtle, yet alluring visuals for the upcoming season first seen in its poster and in all the magazines built momentum for its upcoming premiere, where HBO was making a concerted effort to transform the cult favorite show into a more mainstream experience, to attract a wider audience. ( of course)


Then came its print ad spread in the NY Times, where the dragon hovers over the 2 page fake news story, luring the reader to stop, take a moment and figure out what is going on. Masterful


And finally, if you were in LA you could have also seen the haunting dragon front and center, flanking the HBO building


By the time the season premiere hit, it took a lot of will power to hold me back from lunging head first into the series.

There are times when words lose out to the impact of the  powerful image, drawing you in emotionally, using the most unexpected and innovative mediums; which we can now create  with all kinds of IT tricks of the trade like Vine,  creative branding apps ,and video, and as we see here, the simpler, yet oh so powerful stand alone branding image that HBO uses.

Were you sucked in to Games of Thrones through this campaign…that seemed to be everywhere?


Monday Marketing Master Review: Top 5 Most Creative Marketing Campaigns

It’s time for a Monday Marketing Top 5 most creative marketing campaigns, according to moi, featuring my picks of the best of the best of the best and most creative marketing campaigns of the past 5 years. In case you missed them:

The Charmin Sit or Squat App:

charmin-sit-or-squatThe makings of a great marketing campaign is coming up with that one thing you didn’t even know you needed, and once presented with that thing, wondering how you ever lived without it.

Other than the great hilarity of the Charmin Sit or Squat app, which can be downloaded on for either iPhone or Android through iTunes, let’s give a quick summary: an app that helps you find a clean, public restroom when out and about is both functional, practical, interactive- folks send in their ratings to the app, labeling them either “sit” worthy or “squat” worthy. I have now used, and contributed to this app 26 times. But who’d counting? My small contribution to mankind


 Blendtec’s “Will It Blend” viral video series

blend-tec-will-it-blendThis campaign ties for first place in my book, tying with the Charmin Sit or Squat campaign that launched the Monday Marketing Masters (let’s just call it the MMM) series. I’ve mentioned this campaign before because I am in such awe of it, but it is definitely worthy of its’ own blog dedication. Presenting: The Blendtec “Will It Blend” video series: a brilliant and once more, highly entertaining viral video YouTube series starring CEO Tom Dickson as the “blend master and host”. Talk about content!

WestJet’s Christmas Miracle

westjet-christmas-miracleHere you will see an example of viral video happiness so fabulous and heartwarming, so filled with generosity, shock and awe, that viewers can’t help but share. Hence a viral video ad campaign that as of today has been viewed over 36,000,000 times across multiple platforms. For a reason. Share the love with the WestJet Christmas Miracle

The Lowe’s Fix In Six 

lowes-fix-in-six-best-use-of-vineis, in my humble opinion, the best use of Vine I’ve seen to date, creatively using Vine video’s, those 6 second little bits of creative expression we saw being used in Monday Marketing Masters #4 on airbandb, and without breaking the ad budget, created an innovative, educational marketing campaign that fixes many of their customer’s pain points and household problems- many of which we didn’t even realize we had. Again- an answer to something that you didn’t even think you needed- and then couldn’t turn away from!

Tom’s Shoes

toms-one-for-oneFinally, the ad campaign that keeps on giving. Here was the scenario:

Last week in mall:

Daughter: “every time you buy a pair of shoes from TOMS another pair is donated to children across the globe that can’t afford shoes”

Me: “True. And yet, still pretty pricey!”

Daughter: “Can I have 2 pairs? I really want to give”

Me: “ummmm….sure?”

Tom’s shoes, all the teenage and 20 something craze challenges us to take a stance, and contribute to the cause. We now own 3 pairs of these not so cheap shoes. But I can’t feel bad about it. After all, I’m setting an example for my kid.

Note that all of these marketing campaigns are interactive in one way, shape or form. They all require your action, or at the very least, as in the WestJet’s and Tom’s campaign, require your emotional commitment. Participating, whether it be Tom’s, with a cash contribution to a cause, Charmin’s Sit or Squat with your feedback on the app, or Blendtec’s Will it Blend, keep the audience engaged, and perform best when you are contributing.  This is the wave of the future as more and more companies make use of online and offline tools to reach their audience in a deeper way.

Would love your vote on these. Which of these do you consider to be #1?


Lowes Fix In Six; Wins My Prize for Best Use of Vine

lowes-fix-in-six-best-use-of-vineSo I came across this smarty pants marketing campaign because I was looking for a way to keep those dang persistent squirrels who have taken over my yard from eating all the bird food in my bird feeder. Those poor sparrows did not stand a chance, and I always felt so sorry for them. Squirrels are persistent little buggers. Then I did a Google search for ‘how to keep squirrels out of a bird feeder and came across this Lowe’s Vine campaign- the #lowesfixinsix. A Monday Marketing Masters dream come true.

The Lowes Fix In Six- the best use of Vine I’ve seen to date, has creatively made use of Vine- those 6 second videos we discussed in Monday Marketing Masters #4 on airbandb, and without breaking the ad budget, created an innovative, educational marketing campaign that fixes many of their customer’s pain points and household problems- many of which we didn’t even realize we had.

Notice that with this type of campaign NO ONE  IS ASKING FOR BUSINESS or actively selling a thing; they are just adding extra value to their brand. That is the beauty of educational marketing: it establish your company as a thought leader, an expert in your field; a problem solver, and organically draws people to your services or your products to solve that problem.

Luckily, Lowes had a hilarious but effective solution for my squirrel problems. When we’re bored, we can now sit around and watch these frustrated varments sliding down the pole. But hey- They could be training for squirrel fire fighter status!

So now the campaign is on Vine, which lends itself to sharing on all social media platforms, grabbing peoples nano-second attention spans, and in doing so, expands Lowes reach to a younger generation of home improvement consumers as well. Can you spell MULTI–PURPOSED? Plus, I bet you can’t watch just one. At least I can’t. Here’s 1 more. Wish I’d seen this before I left for vacation this summer: Seen any brilliant marketing campaigns you think should be featured here? Let me know in the comment section. And if you think this is share worthy, I’d love if you’d use those little share buttons to make sure more see squirrels sliding down a pole. comment-below

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