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Lowes Fix In Six; Wins My Prize for Best Use of Vine

lowes-fix-in-six-best-use-of-vineSo I came across this smarty pants marketing campaign because I was looking for a way to keep those dang persistent squirrels who have taken over my yard from eating all the bird food in my bird feeder. Those poor sparrows did not stand a chance, and I always felt so sorry for them. Squirrels are persistent little buggers. Then I did a Google search for ‘how to keep squirrels out of a bird feeder and came across this Lowe’s Vine campaign- the #lowesfixinsix. A Monday Marketing Masters dream come true.

The Lowes Fix In Six- the best use of Vine I’ve seen to date has creatively made use of Vine- those 6 second videos we discussed in Monday Marketing Masters #4 on airbandb, and without breaking the ad budget, created an innovative, educational marketing campaign that fixes many of their customer’s pain points and household problems- many of which we didn’t even realize we had.

Notice that with this type of campaign they NO ONE  IS ASKING FOR BUSINESS or actively selling a thing; they are just adding extra value to their brand. That is the beauty of educational marketing: it establish your company as a thought leader, an expert in your field; a problem solver, and organically draws people to your services or your products to solve that problem.

Luckily, Lowes had a hilarious but effective solution for my squirrel problems. When we’re bored, we can now sit around and watch these frustrated varments sliding down the pole. But hey- They could be training for squirrel fire fighter status!

So now the campaign is on Vine, which lends itself to sharing on all social media p;atforms, grabbing peoples nano-second attention spans, and in doing so, expands Lowes reach to a younger generation of consumers as well. Can you spell MULTI–PURPOSED?

Plus, I bet you can’t watch just one. At least I can’t. Here’s 1 more. Wish I’d seen this before I left for vacation this summer:

Seen any brilliant marketing campaigns you think should be featured here? Let me know in the comment section. And if you think this is share worthy, I’d love if you’d use those little share buttons to make sure more see squirrels sliding down a pole.


Monday Marketing Masters Has Gone Fishin’

get-a-grip-sessionAnd therefore is taking this opportunity to invite you to take part in a Get A Grip session (aka ‘Pick My Brain’ session).

We are more than halfway through the year. Is your business where you thought it would be by now, almost 3.4 of the year through?

Are you getting enough hits to your website, and more importantly, are those hits converting to paying customers/clients/patients?

No? Then come on in and read more about what a 1 hour Get A Grip session can do to smack you upside the head and help

you finish out the year with a plan to be not lost but found.

On Google. On Social Media. On your website. Through your door. 

Do it now so that you have enough time to implement and make a difference. Marketing takes time and you don’t have much of that left in 2014.

Come take a peek and see what we’ll be doing.


The 4 Key Ingredients of a Killer Viral Video Sensation

westjet viral videoThough deep into the bosom of August, I thought todays Monday Marketing Masters session showcasing a 2013 Christmas campaign featuring Canadian airline WestJet would shake us out of our summer doldrums. Here you will see an example of viral video happiness so fabulous and heartwarming, so filled with generosity, shock and awe, that viewers can’t help but share. Hence a viral video ad campaign that as of today has been viewed over 36,000,000 times across multiple platforms. For a reason.

Granted, as a small business you might not have the massive ad dollars it would take to create a video of this sort, to publish spots on major channels, not to mention the costs of…well I don’t want to give it away, you’ll have to watch; HOWEVER, there are some absolute take-away’s from this campaign that can be applied to a brand of any size.

WestJet continues to pump out innovative and out of the box videos, which since the success of the WestJet Christmas Miracle campaign, now command a much larger and viral following of their own, thanks primarily to the great success of this one.

See for yourself:

Are you too weepy to read the take-aways? If so, go dry your eyes and continue reading

Monday Marketing Masters take- aways, (aka the 4 key ingredients of a viral video):

Monday Marketing Masters is a blog series of what I have found to be the most creative, fun, often funny, often off

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the chart marketing campaigns out there today. Designed to inspire you, small business man/woman, to think outside of the lines, create a differentiator and be remembered. If you missed the first few in the series, come here and catch up.

Have you stumbled upon a marketing campaign or strategy that sticks in your mind? Let me know in the comments and if I agree that it is feature worthy I will call you out and tweet it ‘til the cows come home. Or the birds fly; whichever comes first.


9 Examples of How a 404 Error Page Can Be the Best Marketing Strategy Around

uh-oh-spagettios-404-paggeWelcome to the 6th in the Monday Marketing Masters series, bringing you my take on the best of the best marketing and branding strategies out there today. Still chugging!

I was watching a TED talk today  on a topic only a geek like myself would be attracted to, I thought…until, it occurred to me that, nope, this simple strategy is a mostly untapped opportunity for small businesses and marketers, myself included, (and I need to get on this. So do you). Then I got a little OCD and decided to hunt down some of the best, funniest, most creative and smart 404 pages out there now. It occured to me that a 404 error page can be the best marketing strategy around, or at least a component of it.

When you are finished reading, this your homework is to create one for your own site or blog and to report back with what you’ve come up with. They’re not hard to create. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Really.

First lets explain for anyone who doesn’t know, what a 404 page is.  A 404 page is that annoying page you occasionally stumble on that tells you that you’ve either typed in a broken link, an incorrect URL, or a non-existent page on a website.

They usually go something like this: [Read more...]