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The 10 Vital Steps I Take to Increase Blog Traffic One Post at a Time

ten-steps-ti-increase-blog-trafficSo you’ve created an awe inspiring blog post, some of the best content to hit your website yet, hit the publish button, and then waited for the traffic to start pouring in to read and engage with your brilliant creation which took 4.5 hours to write, edit and optimize. And then you waited. And waited……crickets chirping…..

Unfortunately, all you heard were -well, see above. Of course your mom visited the site and said it was AMAZING. She’s your #1 fan :) But she’s also your… ONLY fan…

Why? Because you’re missing a critical piece of the blogging puzzle. Here’s the thing most of us, including myself when I was starting out -don’t understand. Your content in and of itself is only a small piece of the puzzle. Boom.

The fact is that without actively promoting your content, systematically, your blog is STILL going to be in nowheresville. Actually I take that back. Your work must be inspiring and must create great value otherwise even if it is promoted no one will read it. So the number 1 step is to of course create GREAT value. That being said…. * Content is only king if someone other than your mother can see it. * [Read more...]

5 SEO Strategies You Can Throw Out Right Now… And Replace With These

lose-these-seo-strategiesIf there’s one thing we’ve learned about search engine optimization, it’s that you can never rest on your laurels. What once worked like a charm to keep your website ranked and highly trafficked no longer does. Many of us have learned this the hard way.

What SEO strategies are working? The things I outline below. Change your mindset, lose the old tactics, and bring on the new ones I suggest here.

1.  SEO is About lots of Backlinks

One of the first things people ask me when creating a marketing plan for their new business and website is how to get those backlinks I keep talking about. Back in the day, the amount of backlinks a website had had a direct relationship with rankings and website visibility. With the new( ish) Google updates over the past few years, Panda and Penguin, that ship has sailed. Google no longer looks for quantity of backlinks, rather, in their quest to up the quality of search results, they look instead for quality backlinks. Relevant backlinks that have to do with your brand, your services, your audience.

Example: 5  years ago,  the SEO company JC Penny was using got canned for the black hat tactics of  backlinking to every site they could get their hot little hands on, despite the fact that there was no relevancy whatsoever to JC Penny’s products. Not only was the SEO company given the boot,  JC Penny’s bottom line suffered for quite some time because of the trickle down effect.

Note to selves: make sure your backlink building strategy is honest and relevant and makes sense. No one will ever buy that Taiwanese chopsticks Inc. is really interested in commenting on your car repair blog. Comment, and send your content to high authority blogs and websites, and make common sense relationships with them. This is what Google looks for these days and will reward you for. Quality, not quantity.

[Read more...]

Sandy Hook Anniversary: Now What?

sandy-hook-anniversayAs with some of the more horrific events that have plagued our last decade, we will all, unfortunately, remember where we were and what we were doing as the reality of the unthinkable acts at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown were unfolding 3 years ago yesterday.

I was at the Newtown Starbucks meeting with a client. My youngest was in school 3 miles up the road.

Emphasizing the gravity of the event, as the next 24 hours unfolded, was the proximity and the people we knew, friends, and friends of friends whose kids attended Sandy Hook Elementary.

Fast forward 3 years later since the Sandy Hook tragedy and with a bit more perspective I’m drawn, as are most people, to come up with SOME sort of SOMETHING that makes sense, that will help my kids, help this broken community, help these families, help…in some small way. Because there has been fallout; within the community, within surviving siblings and friends, and as we know as a nation: more anxiety, less trust, depression. The mental health professionals have had a busy 3 years. [Read more...]

Epic Content Marketing Strategy Book Review: Take 2

What’s better than an off key video book review for a large holiday guffaw. Come watch me make a fool of myself with this revival of last years….interesting….singing book review of Joe Polizzi’s Epic Content Marketing which, come to think of it, never DID get the signed copy for. It’s okay. I still loved this book. Many great nuggets of wisdom to help you along as you  grow your content marketing strategy.

Create a content marketing strategy that will win clients. After all, that IS the point, isn’t it?

If your company is not where is should be with its’ content strategy or online marketing plan for 2016, feel free to contact me for a one time power session where we will evaluate where your pain is and come up with a plan to make 2016 the year you stop spinning your wheels. Let’s start with getting you found.

what’s your biggest online marketing struggle?