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It’s impossible to be an expert at every single piece of your business. I know this not only because I’ve owned 3 different businesses but also because I’ve tried that route and it doesn’t work. What I’ve learned along the way- in my 26 years of entrepreneurship- is that you must throw yourself into the part of your business that gets you excited. The part that wakes you up in the middle of the night because you just had a flash of genius.

But, if you’re here, reading this, you realize that you also need to be marketing your business, you need to be using social media, you need a productive optimized website that is attracting leads, and you need to be growing consistently so that you don’t get smoked out by your competition. The not so fun stuff 

I give a ton of free advice, tips and knowledge on the Omaginarium blog. I’ve also offered many a free session at speaking engagements. Here’s what I’ve noticed: the people who respect their businesses and my knowledge and those who are seriously committed to growing their businesses are grateful for the free stuff but are also willing to pay for knowledge and guidance. There’s just so much time to be meeting for coffee or a glass of wine. Actually I don’t have that time anymore.

Personally, I have paid for so much guidance and taken so many classes in the past few years you would not believe it. And I continue to. That’s right- because knowledge is power, especially in my industry where things change daily. And like you, there’s only so much free stuff I can get my hands on. After that I make the decision to pay. 9 times out of 10 it’s worth it.


So if you’re feeling

  • Like you’ve been throwing spaghetti against the wall and it’s not sticking
  • Overwhelmed at where to even begin with a marketing strategy
  • Sick of having a website that only your mother sees
  • Tired of creating social media that doesn’t get in front of the people you’re trying to get in front of
  • Aggravated at writing content that doesn’t get seen
  • Feeling that you’re nowhere near where you need to be for 2022
  • That your online marketing strategy is nowhere to be found online..
  • And that you need to get a grip on your SEO….

And you know you need to do something NOW before 2022 gets away from you too….

then you need to invest in my One Time Power Session, a 1 hour power online marketing session….(aka pick my brain)

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Here’s what happens in Your One Time Power Session

  • We spend a solid hour (sometimes more if I don’t have a back-to back) lending you my years of experience at getting in front of the people you need to be in front of
  • We will look at what you’ve been doing up until this point, both on your website and off site, and figure out what has been working and what hasn’t
  • We’ll figure out where the holes are
  • We’ll create a road map of customized steps that you will need to take to get you from where you are today to a thriving, lucrative, lead generating business in one year
  • OR whether you need to just have it done for you so that you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business


Then you can decide if this is just what you need or if you need more. Often times, when I used to have the luxury of time and, could offer something like this for free, or over a latte, it was truly all someone needed- a roadmap, an evaluation, a brainstorming session, and a little support…and they were on their way. Sometimes they decided they wanted more. You’ll decide, not me.


Note this**********

There will be ZERO pressure, obligation, strings, bait and switch or any other form of manipulative sleazy sales tactic in this one time session. Why? Because I HATE when that is done to me and am super sensitive to that very rampant tactic. So no “free session” that turns into 15 minutes of value and 15 minutes of selling you on a paid service ‘which you’ll really need to take advantage of if you really want to grow your business’. You know what I’m talking about. I hated it when that was done to me and I won’t do it to you. Because I respect you and your intelligence. And your time… I ask the same respect.

I just can’t give it away for free anymore.

The One Time Power SEO Session is a one time $179 fee through September 30, 2022.  After that, the price bumps up to $229. The more time you have to implement the more results you’re going to see.

Start off the second quarter of the year with a committed BANG



Here’s what My Clients have been saying about working with me:

Suzen is a no nonsense lets get it done strategist. She whipped my blog into a living, breathing lead generating machine within 2 months. I know because she forced me to add Google Analytics to it so that I wouldn’t have to take her word for it. She taught me so much in 6 months that I know I’ll be implementing pieces for the next 6 months. And she listens like I was her only client. That could have been the best part of working with her. – Joanie Rutger


“For a start up, market visibility is critical to achieve. It’s also difficult to achieve, but achieve it we did with the help of Suzen at Omaginarium. She worked with us to shape a press release for both readability and optimal SEO results. She then placed and pitched the release for optimum pick-up. The results, first page coverage on Google within 24 hours! – John Schloff


“Working with Suzen was like working with an old friend who got exactly where I needed to take my physical therapy practice and was excited to get me there because she cared. She was so spot on the platforms I needed to be on and how to maximize them and those that would waste my time that it made it easy and clear to move forward. Specifics and timelines and no bullshit. Loved this approach. We are now ranking on page 1 for every keyword we need to be there for.  -Garrison Wold

What you’ll walk away with after our session:

  • A full marketing and website audit of your current website and marketing plan or lack there- of
  • A customized strategic plan with a minimum of 3 specific steps you’ll need to take action on. This will be drafted within 24 hours of our session and emailed to you, reviewing the action steps that we discussed
  • A 30 day full money back guarantee. I guarantee all of my services, 100%. If you leave the session feeling unsatisfied with the value of our time together,  I will happily issue a full refund within 30 days of our call

Please note: Once booked I will be emailing you with a short questionnaire to be completed and returned at least 24 hours prior to our session. It’s short/don’t panic.

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