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There is no escaping it. Doctors need SEO (search engine optimization) these days to remain competitive. Gone are the days of word of mouth or the yellow pages to attract new patients.

No, traditional marketing techniques are now obsolete, and more than that, your competitors are using SEO techniques to be found.

Whatever your medical expertise is, whether it be cosmetic surgery, general practice, gynecology, chiropractic, dermatology,  or urgent care, search engine optimization must be a big part of your practice’s growth strategy if you do not want to be left out of the game.

Today, people are given variety choices when it comes to healthcare providers, and they are online looking for reviews, both good and bad, looking for your web presence and the quality of your website, looking to see what other s are saying about you. We know this is daunting. Let us help you be out there, be proud of your online presence, and be at the top of a Google search.

SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices

At the end of the day, it’s all about quality visibility. At Omaginarium,
we make it our mission to ensure positive exposure using a customized and integrated marketing plan, built to your needs.

We are a local SEO and digital marketing company  located in Brookfield CT, with years of helping doctors target and reach new patients, as well as helping your existing patients stay educated and “sticky” with your practice. PLEASE: Don’t spend thousands of dollars on paid leads; these are not qualified leads. To the contrary they are mostly viewed as spam and will not only likely to be deleted but will put a bad taste in a potential patients mouth when deciding where to turn for their medical needs.

At Omaginarium we specialize in attracting new patients, patients who seek out your specific services through inbound links, content marketing, engaging social media campaigns that reach deep into your community, and positive reviews. Beyond word of mouth, these are the criteria new patients look for online when deciding where to turn to next. And don’t doubt for a second that they ARE looking online for your services. No presence, or a sporadic online presence is not the picture your potential patients want to see.

The Power of Link building  for doctors

Getting inbound links-links from authority sites pointing to your website- are a must for ranking your practice organically. Google looks for and ranks  the websites with quality and multiple inbound links higher than those without. Link building is a big part of our strategy. It takes time and needs to grow naturally, as your website grows.

Help Patients Locate You Organically

 The truth of the matter is people trust organic listings more than paid leads. You will see through your analytics ( which we will set up for you) that the click through rate is usually much higher on an organic, or un-paid for listing, than on a paid adwords campaign. About 89% of these people look at page 1 results and compare websites there, rarely moving to page 2, and very rarely page 3.

That is why optimizing your website for the search engines is crucial.

Upping your search ranking and online marketing are inter-related these days. Each component mentioned above will enhance your chances of being found easily. Whatkeeps you up high in the organic searches is ongoing content changes and upgrades on both your site and in your “mentions” on other sites. Google especially, looks for fresh, new content and pays attention to it. The month- to- month maintenance and site additions are crucial in order to remain relevant on a search engine. We can see to it that that is done. Content marketing for doctors is our specialty.

Get A Website and Online Audit

Contact us today to set up a consultation where we can show you what we can do for you. We will give you a detailed website and online audit and show you how we can elevate your online presence to where it needs to be to be found easily, and then we’ll give you options as to how you want to proceed. You can be as “hands on” or as “hands off” as you like.

Suzen is a great mind for your business. After spending 2 decades as a senior corporate marketing exec it is refreshing to work with someone who is agile, smart and unbounded. Suzen brought a fresh perspective to our business on many levels; adjusting our lenses with regard to driving web traffic, leveraging social media, creating new and different tools designed to “spread” naturally through the internet, and ultimately increasing walk-ins. She is also a groovy and edgy chick who isn’t afraid to push the limits and challenge boundaries. I highly recommend consulting with Suzen and the folks at Omaginarium.

Tom Kelly

President, AFC Urgent Care

I came to Suzen because my website was nowhere, and when I say nowhere I mean it was nowhere. It needed optimization in a big way. My practice is only 5 years old and I finally have time to devote to getting “my word out”. Suzen has made it so easy, doing for me what I don’t have time to do myself, creating creative forms of content to set me apart, in her words from “the maddening crowd”. I’m now getting referrals from practices that were unaware that I existed 6 months before. She’s upped my bottom line significantly. What better testimonial is there than that?

Jackson Mecalf

Portland Internists Group

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