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My goal is to help you get traffic to your door, or to help you start generating passive online income, or both! in a calm, focused and fun way, so that you too can walk the walk.

Hi, I’m Suzen

I help businesses get found online and grow traffic to their websites and blogs. I also help companies leverage their time both online and off so that you’re not working all kinds of crazy hours to grow your business.

Before writing this ‘About Suzen Pettit’ section I did a lot of homework reading other peoples About pages- because I’m nosy that way- and here’s what I’ve decided: My About page should be about what I can do for you to help grow your online presence, and thereby grow your business. It goes hand in hand.

Some have called me a Content Marketer, others have called me a “Digital Marketing Consultant” still others call me a “High Ticket Affiliate Marketer” because I do that too.

That’s too fancy sounding for my liking, but that’s my official if you need one of those. You may be a bit curious about how I got to where I am today and what gives me the creds to help you. I’ll address that piece later on- my journey- which has brought me from a zero online presence to the pretty impressive presence that I have now ( a good sized list that I continue to nurture and grow), but for now, lets move on to how I can help you get over the overwhelm of building your own online presence, making money online, and using that internet presence to grow and sustain a thriving business all in a no-stress, no drama kinda way.

What became clear to me early on in my journey is just how much free information there is out there to absorb…and how overwhelming it all could be if I didn’t have clear objectives.

  • I am a sponge. Are you?
  • I wanted to learn how to make passive income online and was determined to learn it.
  • Is that you too?

I cannot tell you how much money I spent over the last few years sometimes hitting and mostly missing. I’d like to spare you that pain and help you learn from my path. Spare you my mistakes and give you my successes, like I wish someone had done for me.  I’ve got lots and lots of free nuggets for that. Or you can pay me for more consulting work. CONTACT ME

Once I began learning from people who have done it before me, and done it really well,(in a non -scammy, way) I began putting those techniques to work for me. Stuff like:

  • How to build a money generating blog
  • How to know which affiliate marketing programs can make you some big bucks
  • How to build a website that’s built to be found-by people and by Google
  • How to create content that people will read/watch/respond to/buy from
  • How to get out into the world all from my computer (mostly)
  • How to plant seeds so that my phone would ring with people wanting my help
  • How to work with joint venture partners to expand my reach
  • I knew I needed to walk that walk first…and I did, for 2 straight years learning and building, building and learning.

Even now, I’m educating myself on this new affiliate marketing program. And I’m paying to learn it. It’s all good, because the ROI is there. I knew people would want to know the same stuff I knew…and I love to teach. And my phone, did,indeed begin to ring. Who Is this Suzen Pettit, Blogger/Online Marketing Strategist/Speaker,  anyway? If you’re really interested, here is the skinny:

BUSINESS #1: The Learning Years

My sales and marketing experience goes back 25 years. I weathered the 80′s as the owner of Coo’s, inc., a line of cool baby clothes manufactured in the US and sold in high end boutiques and resort gift shops, where marketing meant attending the Children’s wear Trade Shows and having reps “tow samples”.  It was fun but I don’t know how I did it…I had zero business experience. I did find though that I loved seeing kids wearing my creations and I found that I was really good at the marketing part of the biz. (not much else). And I got to use my daughter as a model on a number of shoots….and around town.  Witness:  some shots of my baby girl Ali  wearing a few Coo’s Creation’s in a kids wear catalog.   This is what my baby girl looks like now: She’s about to have her own baby:

I sold that business for enough money for my baby girl and I to live on for a year or two, and then was ready to jump back into the fire with a new business, a new husband and a new (er) baby.

BUSINESS #2: Next Steps

I like to tell the story about my husbands gift to me after going through 32 hours of intensive blood vessel popping labor with my second baby: a laptop, so that I could sell speakers from my bed. We laugh about it now. (It took a while)

As co-owner of a boutique Speakers Bureau, Best Bookings Agency, my partner and I sold high level speakers to the college, association and corporate markets. In this hat and this era  the majority of marketing was done primarily on the phone- like 40-60 phone calls a day- try that on for size- and through speakers and entertainment trade shows. It was, however, the advent of the college website and email era. Campus associations were building their websites and the students, much more than the administrators were “online”.  Aha! Online Marketing? Mais oui! We discovered that this is where we could reach customers; this is where they were responding. Online campus directories and sites were suddenly popping up overnight. Hence the new marketing adage: “go where your clients are going” began to make sense.

    It became a natural organic journey from the world of offline marketing to online, and bells started going off. Social Media was just beginning, and My Space and Facebook were teeming with college kids ready to do business with their organizations’ dollars.
    Fast forward to Omaginarium; a company servicing the small business owner needing help being seen, being found, and having traffic walk through the door….or the website…or the blog. New, smarter and more streamlined avenues have emerged over the past few years all geared to help companies with visibility and traffic to sales conversion.

    How I Help Small Businesses Grow

    It’s much easier now than 10 years ago! Also more overwhelming. There are more options, which means more to do. I get it.  I walked it. I talked about it. It’s a systematic strategy I will help you grow your business.

    • I work with small businesses and offer on-site SEO workshops to help them get traffic, attract customers, and sell services or products. 
    • I coach small business owners at their own pace with customized strategies and goals. 
    • I speak to groups giving them actionable strategies to get out there and get found.
    • I teach affiliate marketing to get you some of that passive income we talked about. Stay tuned for the next upcoming webinar
    • I help you with that overwhelming task of creating and maintaining a strategic social media presence
    • I share my latest the best tools that I use, my resources that have helped me grow my business. Wish someone had done that for me. Little Black Book
    • I design and build, with the help of an awesome team, websites and blogs optimized to be found by the search engines, and teach you how to take control of them to make sure they grow. 
    • I (along with my extraordinary team) DO IT ALL FOR YOU. Too busy running your business to have the time to make your business shine online? Let us handle it

    My goal is to help you get traffic to your door, or to help you start generating passive online income, or both! in a calm, focused and fun way, so that you too can walk the walk.  

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