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This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Why we join networking groups, give away samples and free services, do interviews, blog, hold open houses, etc. etc.

I founded this agency after 25 years of marketing under my belt, in order to help others grow their businesses. It’s about a presence as much as it is about exposure. It’s as much about credibility, track record, great reviews as it is about your services.It’s about traffic and links, Search Engine Optimization, and content, as it is about your brand.

Suzen is a great mind for your business.  After spending 2 decades as a senior corporate marketing exec it is refreshing to work with someone who is agile, smart and unbounded.  Suzen brought a fresh perspective to our business on many levels; adjusting our lenses with regard to driving web traffic, leveraging social media, creating new and different tools designed to “spread” naturally through the internet, and ultimately increasing walk-ins.  She is also a groovy and edgy chick who isn’t afraid to push the limits and challenge boundaries.  I highly recommend consulting with Suzen and the folks at Omaginarium

Tom Kelly

Owner, AFC Urgent Care

Targeted Facebook Ads

Omaginarium’s targeted Facebook ads help local businesses bring in new paying customers and increase their revenue through strategic Facebook advertising campaigns.

Suzen and her team at Omaginarium has assisted my company and I with several projects, including web design and search engine optimization. The results from her work have proven to be very successful. Before hiring just anyone, I would recommend having a conversation with Suzen…a true expert in online marketing, SEO and social media

Dave Stambone

Total Mortgage

Digital Marketing Strategies

In order to make your business stand out these days, you will need more than a website. You just do, even if it’s a beautiful one, and here’s the reason why…

Suzen brought me from completely ignorant (it had to be explained to me what SEO even stood for) to someone that other people come to for SEO and social media advice. Thanks to her, I know what I’m doing, my book just hit the Amazon BestSeller list and my website can be found on the first page of Google. In addition to being knowledgeable, she’s friendly and compassionate and a lot of fun to work with.

Lori Duff


Omaginarium Blog

Marketing is always changing and we believe in giving quality vs. quantity. Get to know us a little better and we’ll share the best tips right here in our blog. 

Email Marketing : alive and well

As much as we’d like to believe that when we write our blog or post an amazing offer on our website, the Gates of Heaven will open up, the angels will sing, and the world will be a better place because of our fab new content. Truth is, until we’ve really marketed that content via many channels on a continuous and consistent schedule-to the social networks, social news sites, the search engines, the bookmarking sites, commented on others sites, linked to authority sites, etc., we need emailing as an avenue as well to spread our word.

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Content Marketing= More Business

The businesses that are really successful these days are the ones who are under promising and over delivering, giving extraordinary service and are being generous with their “stuff”.

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Little Pink Spoons; Offer a Sample

Let people sample your services, your products, and your wares. It’s the best form of marketing out there, besides a recommendation from a prior customer. Just as Baskin Robbins offers their “little pink spoons” to sample a flavor, and Costco invites you to eat your way through the store sampling new items, a free seminar, webinar, report or chapter of a book to give potential customers a “taste” of what they could have with the whole package is a smart way to market a product, and if done well and generously, will peak peoples interest in what else you have to offer.

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