Last Thursday I was found by a Mexican doctor. Honestly. A surgeon from Monterrey Mexico specializing in bariatric procedures contacted through our website and now we are in the process of negotiating a contract. He is interested in our SEO services and an optimized website to attract potential American patients to his practice in Mexico. In early December I was contacted by a Nigerian businessman specializing in customized branded promotional items. He was also interested in our SEO and search engine marketing services for his existing website. He was legit- we did our homework. As it turned out we did not end up working together, although it had nothing to do with the distance or the communication. We were fine with that. And we’re fine with Mexico in that regard. Skype, Paypal and the “world wide web” has seen to it that what would have been next to impossible a few years ago is almost –not quite- but almost as simple as doing business in Newtown, CT. Once the logistics are ironed out, the only thing that can get in the way of a smooth business relationship via the web is the cultural and language nuances. Just as getting to know a stranger through email, or via texting can sometimes malfunction, a business relationship can run amuck for the same reasons, and so one must be very specific, with iron clad agreements (including payments ,exchange rates and currencies) solidly in place as one moves forward in the deal. But that is just common sense, the crossing of the t’s and dotting of the I’s….times 100.

Here’s the point however. Mexico. Nigeria. How cool is that? For any small business or medical practice whose business is not geographically dependent , the world can be your oyster. How is this possible? Very simple: SEO. Had my site not been front and center for what this doctor was searching for he would not have been able to stumble upon me. Plain and simple. And think about it from his perspective: a medical practice( non urgent care, of course) no longer has to be constrained by geography. His ceiling has now been expanded skyward. The power of an optimized website can make the difference between acquiring business and not acquiring business. I am strongly urging you to make this investment –to yourselves, to your practice, to your business, when considering what your 2012 marketing plan should include. There are some very basic steps that can be taken to either optimize an existing website or to create optimization when building one for the first time, and if you are somewhat tech savvy, a few of these steps can even be done on your own. If one of the goals of your website is lead generation and traffic to your website, consider creating a website that includes search engine optimization. Shop around, SEO is all over the map in terms of cost, but however you choose to do it, don’t think twice about the necessity of this modern day marketing tool.

Bye bye Yellow Pages, hello Mexico.



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