Do you find that you’re spreading yourself too thin across multiple marketing strategies, and not quite getting the results you want? Welcome to the club. As a small business owner it’s easy to get caught up in the “I’ll have what she’s having”…or doing cycle. You may be an avid believer of Organic SEO, Organic Reach, and unpaid marketing, and hey, so are we! But sometimes we just have to stop…and re-examine our strategy, which is often no strategy at all….and that means focusing on one marketing method that is going to bring us the best results.

Strategic, and highly targeted Facebook advertising can be one of the most effective ways to reach and obtain customers. Don’t believe us? Then let us take you on a journey through the world of targeted Facebook Ads, and the top 6 reasons your business should be using them:

1. Your Business Audience is on Facebook

That’s right, you may be searching high and low for your business’s exact audience, but guess what—most of them, especially if you are a B2C company, are all on Facebook. Social Media has taken the marketing world by storm, allowing businesses to advertise and market to their customers and potential customers in a much more personal way. For this reason, communicating with your audience through Facebook is proven to be a seriously effective way of generating conversation, traffic to your website, building trust, and moving prospects to the end goal of becoming a customer. In other words, effective lead gen.

They’re all there waiting for you; all you have to do is reach out.

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  • Twitter
  • Google+

2. Facebook Ads are cheap

Seriously, Facebook Ads are relatively very cheap. If you’ve ever looked into advertising through print media, on the radio, on television, or even on a billboard, you know the deal. These media outlets want $$$.  Although ad costs have risen since the company went public, it still remains one of the most cost effective modes of advertising that allows- encourages even, ads that are built to convert at an excellent ROI. . Since the decline of organic business page reach in early 2018, the price of Facebook Advertising has –very wisely—not sky rocketed, capitalizing on disgruntled Facebook business pages owners. However, we suggest you take advantage of theserelatively low prices before Facebook catches on that this deal is just too good to be true.

3. Facebook Ads can let you reach highly targeted audiences

That’s right, we’re talking super-specific niche markets if need be. We’re sure you’ve dabbled in boosted posts on Facebook, and for certain posts it can be effective enough, but sadly, you just can’t get as narrowed a reach as you can with targeted Facebook Ads.

Facebook has their algorithms and targeting down….which is one of the reasons they’re in such hot water but that’s a subject for another blog. For our purposes- reaching the right audiences is a BLESSING.  You can set your Ads to be shown to specific demographics, such as gender, and only certain age ranges. You can set their sociographic criteria, like married or single; you can filter for income levels, and target folks who have bought similar products or services before. Yes, that’s right-they know you. See above.  Do you want to target single Native American moms between the age of 24 and 40, living in Northern Nebraska who have shown interest in health and fitness pages, and vegan oil-free cooking? You can do that.

4. Facebook ads can bring new, qualified leads to your site

The almost end goal! Yes, Facebook Ads allow you to create a little gizmo called a Facebook pixel that will lead your Facebook ad viewers back to your website. All you have to do is offer a good enough incentive to get them to click, and once they’re directed to your site you will be able to make a profitable conversion! What do we mean by conversion? A conversion can be capturing their email, having them contact you, make an on-the-spot purchase, or signing up for a future event! It’s a goal that you set.  Any of these conversions will allow you to keep tabs on your new or potential customer. Which brings us to our next reason.

5. You can easily re-target your leads

Ok, so you’ve got your future customer to click on your Facebook Ad, return to your site….and then their 4-year old knocks over a lamp. For one reason or another, audiences sometimes drop off at a crucial point in the process of making a conversion. That’s life. We will probably dedicate a blog to it in the future, but for now rest assured that these lost leads are not truly lost. That Facebook pixel that you generated when making your Facebook Ad can be integrated into your site in a way that will effectively advertise to your lead somewhere else after they have left your site.

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of adding a handbag to your online shopping cart only to come to your senses and realize that they were way out of your budget? You close the store tab, and continue on your internet way, only to scroll down the next page you open and find that exact handbag being advertised to you? You fight it, but a few hours down the line you’re convincing yourself that really, you’ll be fine eating frozen carrots for the next week. All while you enter in your shipping information. Or you click on a Facebook ad out of curiosity and then click out, deciding it isn’t for you for now….and then…a few days later….there they are again

That’s Facebook doing it’s job. Re-targeting has an excellent conversion rate

6. You can measure your Facebook Ads results

When all is said and done, and your Facebook Ad Campaign has run its course, the benefits don’t stop. Facebook offers insights into your entire campaign! You will be able to see exactly what worked, and what didn’t. Some of it may even surprise you. This ensures that the next time you run a campaign, you will have an even better understanding of your target market, and what they respond to. They also make it very simple to run side by side split tests to see what font/colors/content/images work best. The analytics behind a Facebook campaign is seriously comprehensive and useable data.

All of this make sense, but sound way too complicated? No problem! We can help.  Contact us today, and utilize out highly targeted Facebook advertising services!




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