A simple equation, and it’s true. I’m in the process of growing mine now, in multiple ways. In this video I’ll give you 7 sure fire tips for growing your list to reach a bigger, yet targeted audience with your website and
your marketing materials. The last 2 tips are a biggie:

Make sure you have an “opt-in” box in a very obvious spot on your website, preferably above the “fold”, (the area on he website that appears before having to scroll down),so that you can be capturing potential prospects emails…to grow your list!! They came to your website for a reason, and even though they may not call the office first thing the next morning, if you are capturing their emails then you know they came and did this voluntarily; they wanted information or else they wouldn’t be there. But why should they give you their email address? What’s in it for them besides yet more “junk in their box”, and I don’t mean that in a sexy way. Seriously, why should they give you their e mail address? Because

Step #7: You are going to offer them an irresistible gift just above the opt-in box, that your visitors will really want to know more about, and enter their email and name to reveive. A gift, from you to them, with no strings attached, just an even exchange: their name and email address in exchange for something that might help them right now. For example: a free report on ways to relieve severe back pain prior to going to the doctor, or a holistic home remedy for relieving bad headaches. Or your newsletter which offers great tips on all sorts of health issues that relate to them. This should be something downloadable that they can get their hands on quickly and read (unless it’s a monthly newsletter. You get the picture. Now you have a qualified, interested patient who you are establishing a relationship with and whom you’ll now continue to be in touch with, through email…because they have given you permission to do so. From here you also have their permission, and their interest peeked, to make offers, invite them to look at…., etc.



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