For all those wondering what has happened to your Facebook presence, or as I like to call it in the biz, “Facebook Effect”, take note: you are not crazy. Organic views, which, at one time was displayed for all who liked your page, are now way down. The only way to ensure that your message, call to action, story, will be n front of those you want seeing your page is to pay, either by boosting a post, or by paying for page post views in the form of an ad.

Facebook has, over the last few months since it’s IPO and subsequent monetization, decided that it is, indeed a business, that there is now pressure on it than ever to make money for its millions of’ investors, and has ramped up its’ business mojo to create ROI for investors, all on the backs of the small business Facebook page owners. Yes, the time has come to quit yer whinin’ and Pay to Play if you want to monetize your Facebook Page.

I look at this this way: We got away with a lot of free marketing for a long time. Yes, I know the big protest platform that this is a “social” network, and open to the public, with or without money, that it is a way for community building from the internet grassroots on up, but here’s what I say to that: we’re talking apples to oranges. Anyone is able to open up a Facebook profile, and post until the cows come home about their political views/selves/kids/weather/moods/going potty/food, etc. etc. etc.

We don’t pay for that privilege; we are GIVEN this platform, along with Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest to spew our stuff to our hearts delight.

This is business, buck-a-roos. Facebook business pages are intended and designed for business growth, and when a business page is used properly and creatively, can give small business a huge advantage. We may treat it as social: commenting, networking, branding, sharing and clicking, but the fact is that it is a business platform intended for business growth. So gaining from it for free for some years now has spoiled us, 10-ish idealic years of playing in their playground, many of us making some serious money from our Facebook strategies and know how. Just ask Amy Porterfield, and others just beginning to benefit from the fruits of the Facebook labor force.

So I’m willing to pay to play. If I have to pay for other services to spread my word, why should I not be paying as well?

Here are some tips to on how to maximize your Facebook Ad dollars and Monetize Your Page:

  1. Boost posts for more than 1 day, always. Lately I’ve noticed a glitch with page boosts- they don’t always ask how many days one wants to boost, and the default is 1 day. All I can tell you here is to get back in and do it again….5-7 days maximizes exposure
  2. Ask for interaction at least once per week and make sure to comment back. It’s ok to ask for people to share your post if they know their audience will benefit from it.
  3. Like any smart marketer, have a call to action, or a specific goal in mind when posting.
  4. Post something at least 3-4 times per week. Pay for at least one of those posts. Rumor has it the Facebook Gods look down well on us and share our organic posts more if they a) see that we’re posting at least 3 to 4 times per week, and that b) we’re paying for at least one of these posts.
  5. When creating an ad, ALWAYS choose placement in the news feed rather than in the right margin of the page.
  6. When spending a significant amount of money (on Facebook $30 is considered a significant amount), choosing whom to expose an AD or promoted post to is important. Make sure it goes to ‘people who like your page and their friends’ rather than those you choose through targeting. People are more likely to click like and actually GO to the page if someone they know has recommended it.
  7. Remember that it’s worth spending money on things other than “liking my page”. Often times, most times, it is more important to ensure engagement on your page rather than gaining a new like. A new like, if not qualified is not worth much. You don’t ever have to go to a page you “like”! Just as with an email list, better to have fewer “likes” and better engagement on your page in the form of commenting, liking a post, sharing or clicking. These people are happy to be there and are engaged with what you are offering. Valuable. By encouraging this type of interaction you are creating sticky customers. Create page posts that shows your expertise, gives something away, highlights something you want them to know, links back to an interesting article on YOUR website, and pay for it!

What have you found that has worked for you? Would love you to




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