Channeling My Inner Mompreneur

mom to mompreneur now
Exactly 7 days, and 0 hours until blast off. It’s a rare day that I shamelessly promote something, but I took it as a sign that it was ok to do when I sat down to write this blog EXACTLY 7 days and zero minutes to the launch date of our Mompreneur tele-summit, aptly named momtomompreneurnow. So sue me, but I’m going to hold that when someone puts so much blood sweat and tears, not to mention more than a few sleepless nights into a project, that they have a right to squawk a bit about it.
I’m jazzed, yeah, passionate, and focused like a laser beam on pulling off a successful event, which is proving to be more work than any other project that I can remember creating, but here’s what I’m realizing: by producing this event, I’m a living example of why it is necessary, and proof that I’m doing the right thing. No time like the present!
Fragmented time, always an issue, is being tested more than ever, and constantly: being there for my daughters foray into high school, and being present at her field hockey games…how????? Most of them are at 4:30 mid week. Laundry piles both dirty, and clean waiting to be folded sit untouched. Take out dinners have graced our table more than I’d like to admit these past few weeks. I’m not complaining…I’m just constantly testing the limits of my abilities, given the 24 hour clock that refuses to stop ticking. A clone would help, or a nanny, a few employees. Barring that….
I’ve been juggling these things for years, as have most mothers I know, single or not, so you know what? I know in my heart of hearts that producing an event to help mothers like me ( and some dad’s I’m starting to see sign up) learn how to work smart, not hard…. is a gift. I’ve watched several of the guest experts we’re bring on grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures, most of them, with children in tow. So why not spread the love. They all are offering their time so generously, are so inspirational, and are there to share their tips on how they managed to grow their own businesses, the mistakes they made along the way, and they are giving back. And I’ve got some tip[s of my own, for all of you bloggers out there.
We gotta stick together, us moms trying to juggle it all- making real money growing our businesses and not forfeiting our time with our kids. We need to support each other and raise awareness on what tools , tips and programs are out there to help us. More and more, these tools are available both online and off—especially on.
I am so ready both to share and to learn. So call me shameless.
Free sneak peek next Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 1:00 PM EST. Be there or be square!

I Screwed Up: my story

I Screwed UpLast week I made a big oopsy.

Keeping it in context, was it as big an oopsy as the Samsung tablet oopsy they are now having to deal with with Apple? Well, no. However, in my typical overly enthused manner I accidentally sent Aliza Sherman, IT Rock Star, founder of Cybergrrls and, and author of a plethora of books; a speaker who commands thousands upon thousands of dollars to speak globally, an email that read, and I quote: [Read more...]

Scratching My Niche

This is how it happened:

A few weeks ago I won a free “scholarship” to attend 2-day workshop in the San Francisco Bay area from a powerhouse couple I’ve been following and have learned a lot from. Hemmed, hawed, couldn’t decide if I could justify going what with the airfare and hotel expenditures. Fretted, meditated, hemmed and hawed some more and then just for kicks emailed my dear friend Judy who lives in Houston to see if her sister who lives in Sonoma would be in town that weekend/thinking maybe I’d take her to lunch. Judy replied within seconds: not only would her sister be in town but Judy and her daughter were planning on flying into San Fran that very weekend and she was heading up after the weekend to visit said sister and bro- in- law in Sonoma. And I should just come for a few days. And it was her birthday. And her sisters’ home is lovely and I hadn’t seen her in ages either. And there were wineries; many, many wineries just calling my name. And…note to self: if you ever want to get REALLY cheap airfare, fly on Friday the 13th. Besides 9-11 and Christmas this day has got to be the cheapest day of the year to fly.

Really, how many more signs did I need? [Read more...]