Designing, and re-designing a website can be overwhelming and confusing. Typically website redesign conjures up images of designers and agency types huddled in conference rooms brainstorming creative ideas. While aesthetics are important, functional and back end considerations will make all the difference in determining the effectiveness of your site. It’s not just about the package, baby, it’s what’s inside. Here are 16 essential questions to consider before you make a decision to redesign your website.

Don’t redesign your website without taking these factors into consideration:

     How’s the Content?

    • Is the content relevant, current and engaging, tailored to the buying cycle?
    • Is the content written with a specific target audience (niche) in mind?
    • Is it high quality, with high ranking links?

    How’s the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    • Is the site optimized for the right key words?
    • What key words are driving traffic and to which pages?
    • Are Blog, RSS, email subscription options included?
    • Does the back end include an xml sitemap and a simple to use SEO plug-in?
    • Do you have enough good quality links?
    • Are your images all alt tagged?

     Does it have easy Sharing Capabilities

    • Do visitors have plenty of convenient options (sharing tools) that make it easy for them to share content?
    • And more importantly: Is your content share- worthy?

    Is it Multi-Device Enabled

    • Is the website experience conducive to all mobile and tablet platforms? In website lingo this is called “responsive design”. Imperative!

    Is it Designed for Easy Lead Captures?

    • Are leads being generated from your website?
    • Strategically placed call to actions?
    • Do you have an off-site email and list building service that aggregates those leads?
    • Are those leads being  monitored, nurtured, converted, and closed?

    How are you Gauging the Reach and Success? Metrics/Analytics

    • Do you have Google Analytics ( or any analytics software) set up on your site?
    • How many visitors and leads are coming to the site?
    • Which pages are getting the most traffic?
    • Which pages aren’t, and if not, why?

    Ease of Editing

    • Is your website set up on an easy to use platform that will allow you to add, delete or edit basic content as needed without having to rely on your website developer to do so?

    Here it is, folks: The Welcome to 2017 FREE Consultation – If you answered “No” or “I am not sure” to any of these questions we should have a conversation to talk about the implications, before you re-design your website. Just click on the link below and I’ll contact you

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