Or: The Big Kahoona of All Traffic Generating Strategies

Welcome- to the launch of the new Omaginarium website, which, as you can see is also my blog, all wrapped up into one pretty package.

As much as I do this for a living, I have to say, that at 3 AM this morning when we were still perfecting the CSS, and fixing glitches, that this has been, by far, one of the toughest projects I’ve taken on by far.

It’s a classic case of the Type A personality designing her own showcase.

Ey Chihuahua.

Much easier designing someone else’s website. My poor, poor developer. I’m sure he’s drinking heavily today.

Not to mention the issue of the plumber with the leaky pipes. Once my blog crashed (for all that are not aware of that, yes, big crash back in early June-thank goodness for Archives and back up) (Got that?) it became apparent that as much as I’d been putting off creating the new site, there was no getting around it now, even with the 3 big projects and 4 new clients I’d recently taken on.

But, whatever! We plunged head in, and this is the result, 2 months later after many a sleepless night and very, very patient developer.

Because My Shiny New Lead Generating Website had To Be:

  • good, great fabulous,
  • it had to be super duper functional,
  • it had to be a lead generating machine
  • it couldn’t be obnoxiously so
  • it had to keep people on the site
  • it had to be easy to navigate
  • it had to be focused and not all over the place
  • it had to contain fun and really valuable content
  • it had to sport some sexy new tools
  • it had to grow my email list
  • it had to drive conversions
  • and most of all, it had to represent me. What I stand for
  • Meaning- it had to have a clear message of what I do and how I help people grow their businesses

No pressure……

Because ultimately, at the end of the day, I believe firmly that your biggest traffic building tool and strategy must be your website. Not just any website.

Not, as I’ve mentioned before, another ‘Online Business Card’, but your website, or your blog, in my case both combined. You can enlist all the best strategies we’ve discussed throughout the summer in the traffic generating strategies series, but if the traffic is leading back to a meh” website, that does not engage, prompt and compel you to take action, then all of those strategies are for naught.

I’ve always wanted to use that word.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying you must have a ‘fancy’ website. Some of the best sites I know are simple and straightforward, but they are effective in reaching their goals for their owners. My site is far from fancy; as a matter of fact it is quite simple, but my goal was to create a space that was, well all of the things in the above bullets.

Easy to navigate. Targeted towards my goals. Interesting. Actionable.

So here we are. There was a lot of thought, meditating, creating, tearing down and drinking planning that went into this site…a reason behind every page and every format, every widget, link, placement and attachment. I didn’t want to have to do it again.

Let’s see if I’m really the expert I think I am….only time will tell. That and Google Analytics.

Websites, blogs, start somewhere, and if we’re smart, and we’ve built the infrastructure well, they grow and evolve with time. Like our kids.

Would love your feedback, my trusted peeps. And if you like it, please share it-on Facebook, on Twitter, and with someone who could use good website advice. If all works as planned, there’s a bonus for you when you do comment.



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