I really don’t know what to say about this other than please be gentle. It’s the holidays….and I can’t get the darn video to embed no matter how many hours and how many plug-ins (3) I’ve downloaded to help.

I am a huge fan of Joe Pulizzi and both of his books “Get Content, Get Customers” and this new one, which knocks it out of the park, “Epic Content Marketing; How to tell A Different Story, Break Through the Clutter and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, so call this a tribute to the man who was (and still is) highly, highly influential in my career path.

There are a few leaders in the marketing world that stand out as forecasters, and Joe Pulizzi is one of them. This book not only is step by step instructional on all the different ways to engage and grab new customers , but it gives great examples of companies, brands and campaigns that are setting creative examples of how we need to be approaching our customers if we want to be paid attention to, and more than that, hired.

Epic Content Marketing Dissected

You may want to sit down for this:

Brands that are doing it well are seeing great ROI, but it is a different world out there now, and the need for creativity has never been more important. Take the Charmin Sit or Squat App, which, besides being drop down hilarious has proven that even something as mundane as toilet paper can become a great and successful marketing campaign. So take that, all you insurance agents and accountants. If a toilet paper company can do it so can you.


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