First blog. Lots of pressure. Actually, after waiting so long to start blogging it’s like a pressure valve releasing.

It took 10 months and lots of yoga and deep breathing to come up with this plan; since October, five months to develop, and this week Omaginarium and Omagine Health is launched. Finally.

Mixed emotions: excitement, for sure; the moment the idea emerged, the more sense it made.

Here’s how it happened:

I have a slew of self employed friends; it’s been said that I collect them. Although the past few years I’d made some bizarre excursion into the land of the corporate giant known as Quest Diagnostics, selling and marketing diagnostic testing to physicians, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, selling and marketing first a line of baby clothes- Coo’s! inc. and after that in a partnership marketing speakers to colleges, special interest groups and corporations with Best Bookings Agency where we first began marketing to the kids who invented online marketing and were paving the way: the college students. This was back in the mid 90’s; we quickly discovered that the best way to reach these kids was via email, and the best way to find them was via online organizations and student groups, and guess what? The best way to market to them was via something called “email marketing.” Hello stone age Constant Contact.

Fast forward to today: I’d been lucky enough to have a year hiatus. Throughout the year, as I’d stumble upon good marketing idea’s for my business owner friends I’d forward them on. “You should do this!” “Why aren’t you on this site?” So many great online marketing tools had sprung up since my back had been turned!

A balmy October evening and my friend Richard was coming for dinner. Richard owns a local pest control business; always busy, always overwhelmed, with never enough time to do the extra’s he knew needed doing but couldn’t get to. As he walks through the door my 12 year old says to me “watch this, mom.” Sure enough in walks Richard saying aloud the words my daughter mouthed along with him: “I’m so overwhelmed!” How many times have we heard that phrase coming out of his mouth I couldn’t tell you, but trust me it’s been alot.

“What?” “What exactly do you need?” And so it began. From 6:45PM til 11:10PM I got an earful. And a brainful. As he spoke my mind was working overtime. I felt like the kid in ‘A Chorus Line’ tap dancing across the floor singing “I can do that!” when it was discovered that he tap danced better than his sister and maybe it was he that should be in dance class.

Organic searches, rankings, online marketing, geo targeting, local listings, directory submissions, social media marketing. With a few good team members, a solid marketing base and alot of gumption,  I can do that!



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