Can you say l-l-l-launch? That’s “launch” not “lunch”. Many months, long middle of the night terrorizing dreams, sleepless nights when not having terrorizing dreams, countless lists, artfully covered gray hairs and more than a couple of new forehead lines later, it seems that our “Soft Launch”- the free event that will serve as the “taste of”… is really going to happen today at 1PM, 10 AM PST. I always throw in that PST because it makes the event seem much more impressive and ‘national’. Can’t hurt. It’s going to happen today if the software doesn’t fail, we remember to hit play, we are sure that the auto-responders functioned properly, the volume is up high enough, we don’t have a power outage and the sky doesn’t fall. Does that about cover it? Everyone to your corded landlines! They don’t fail!

If I’m sounding a bit nervous you’ll have to understand, I now know how James Cameron felt directing and producing Avatar. What? It’s not on the same scale as Avatar? HA! I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

I am not whining. Truly I’m not; I’m simply trying to emphasize the scope of producing a tele-summit. So ok, it’s not Avatar. But Cameron has a much bigger team! And ego!

My partner Jennifer Covello and I had our monthly Mastermind group last Thursday where I shared to the group the beauty of our working relationship.

Me: “ I’m the visionary and Jen’s the detail person ”

Jen: “Whaaaaaaaa? No! Wait!”

Jen later on: “I don’t want to be the detail person!”

Me: “But you are. Embrace it, this is a good team”

Jen: “……I guess”….

You find out a lot about a person when you co-produce a project of this scope. Their sleeping patterns, (like when it’s ok to call at 4 AM) their hot buttons, their communication style, their tolerance levels, their eating habits and most all other habits as well become well known. You can begin to be concerned when you start noticing their digestive habits. But seriously speaking, mostly what you learn is whether you respect one another (crucial) and how good you are together, as it really does become a marriage of sorts. Someone must be the Yin, the other the Yang. In this case I believe I’m the Regis to Jen’s Kelly. I really have no idea what I mean by that but I think if someone were to ask, ”Who’s the Kelly?” I’d have to grudgingly point to Jen.

The most important element however, is your common vision. You gotta have it, and thankfully, we do. We both believe passionately about what we are doing here, and about serving the people we are set here to serve. Not to get all woo-woo on you but as single mothers striving to make a difference in the world, we have bonded as if on a mission. Because we are on a mission to reach and help out as many mothers in business as we can touch. We hold it closely to our hearts.

I can safely say that if there are no mental breakdowns, power outages, mechanical failures or natural disasters, Jen and I will be there on Tuesday, possibly holding hands and wearing our respective crosses and star of David’s, launching the sneak peek of what we think is going to be one AWESOME tele-summit throughout the month of October.

Join us, at We know you’ll grow from it, definitely learn how to make more money, and have a few laughs along the way.



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