In the doubtful but possible event that you might not yet be aware that today is the launch of the first session of the first Mom to Mompreneur Now! tele-summit lets set it straight here.

  • It has been quite the journey leading up to this point
  • What a learning experience! Didn’t know that my brain could absorb so much. Big points to the power of Gingko. I’m not kidding
  • Am finally able to tap into your
  • Address them! For instance:
  • Pain: Never enough time to get it all done? Solution: Jane Pollak, 10/9, Lena West 10/16
  • Pain: Spending way too much time on Social Media for meh results? Solution: Lena West 10/16
  • Pain: Feeling alone, isolated,and like you need a Board of Advisors? Solution: Jane Pollak, 10/9
  • Pain: You know you should be marketing , but how?? Solution: Kathy McShane, 10/11
  • Pain: You’ve heard about blogs that “make money while you sleep”. How do you do that? Solution: me, Suzen, 10/18
  • Pain: No idea how to get your biz out in front of the perfect client? Solution: Aliza Sherman, 10/23
  • Pain: Hate “selling”..but know you have to, to grow your biz? Solution: Karen Graves, 10/25
  • Pain: Having trouble juggling all the balls? How to do all this and still be a great parent? Without

This is the first time I’ve really, truly, authentically looked deeply inward to pull out and address all of my own pain points and frustrations from throughout the years, ones that I just know are shared by so many, from speaking to so many parents in business, and not just moms, but dads as well….and made a concerted effort to address them, here, in this series, a labor of love. The frustration of overwhelm, too many choices, needing to make more money but feeling stuck. These are the issues we are going to dig deep into, so that you can learn to work smart, not hard…

Our first event, with MasterMind Guru, Jane Pollak, entitled,“Mastermind Groups: The Benefits of Scheduling Support in Your Business” begins on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST. The series runs every Tuesday and Thursday until October 30, 2012. Replays of each session will be available within 24 hours of the event so that you can listen anytime, anywhere. You will receive an email for each replay link.

We’d love you to get in on the ground floor. Invest in yourself. Click here to register




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