My Muhammad Ali Moment

*This was originally written/ published in 2011; one of the first blogs I ever wrote and before I found my niche. It was a profound snippet  in my life then,  and now, upon his death, a nostalgic and touching reminder of how lucky I was to have had that snippet.

The following is a true story:

muhammad-ali-omaginariumMuhammad Ali and I shared a moment. It’s true. It was the year 19__, and I was in my senior year at SUNY Brockport, in upstate New York. For some reason no one could figure out, our college was chosen as the first official location of the Special Olympics. It was to be an impressive affair and I don’t think anyone at our school was prepared for the spectacle or the outpouring of celebrities,  sports figures, TV stations and huge throngs of special needs kids carted in from all over north western New York to participate. Everyone from Eunice Shriver, Teddy Kennedy, Sally Fields, Christopher Reeves, Susan St. James, and more were there, and it was filmed by WABC Wide World of Sports, featuring The Gif! (Frank Gifford) as the official announcer of the games. About 2 weeks prior to the games start, a huge sculpture was delivered to our campus and erected in front of the library- a gift from the U.S.S.R.  See below. Woah. This was our first hint of just how serious an affair this was going to be. [Read more...]

Grow Your List= Make More Money

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5 Most Effective Strategies to Expand Your Network

By nature I’m a crummy networker. I know this might strike you as odd, coming from someone who teaches how to attract business, but this is a fact. I’m a crummy social networker, I’m a crummy Happy Hour go-er, I’m a crummy Chamber of Commerce attendee, and in general I’m a crummy schmoozer. When given a choice I’d rather go to the small dinner party rather than to the bar, would rather be one to one coaching a client friend than stand in front of a crowd and speak; no one would ever mistake me for the “life of the party”. That would have been my ex husbands job. And I was glad he was there to take on that role as it got me off the hook. One can see how this might prove a bit problematic given my field of choice, which relies heavily on attracting clients so that I can help others do the same.

So early on I realized that if I really wanted to help others expand their reach to gain new customers that I needed to lead by example. Hence I’ve developed a series of systems that have not only worked for me, but have allowed me to expand my “list” and networking reach x4 within the past 2 years. And growing.

Here are my top 5 techniques designed to increase your exposure and expand your list of targeted clients. Try them and be consistent and disciplined with them, and I promise that within 6 months you will have increased your presence in front of an audience that looks forward to your involvement and needs your services: [Read more...]

5 Time Saving Systems Must Haves for the Small Business Owner

If you’re looking to grow you can’t do it all on your own. You just can’t. Your foundation must be laid so that you can be freed up to do your thing. You know, your thing? The thing that makes you money.

As much as we may look like Wonder Woman, or so as not to be sexist, Superman, and feel like them too, we cannot be a one person band and expect that the everything will just fall into place. It’ll fall alright, down, into bed, if you make it that far, from exhaustion.

A smart and successful small biz owner has back up, and I’d love to share my back up tricks honed from trial and error throughout the years that have saved me countless hours of unproductive work. [Read more...]