So, last week I posted a blog entitled “6 Free and Easy Techniques to Get People to Read Your Blog “. Not too sexy, right? Good, solid tips, that I’ve honed over time, which I’d wanted to share, in an easy to read, numbered format. Done. Delivered.

Who would have thought what happened next was going to, well, happen next.

Can I just say….giddily….that from that one little blog I have now received over 40 comments? Plus 3 ongoing conversations? I post in various places, so they were spread out amongst the sites, but seriously…can we talk?

This is what we’re talking about when we talk about “blog juice”, people. Now, I’m not going to toot my horn about this, because quite honestly, between you, me and the wall, although the article was one of my better ones: informative, targeted, sorta fun, really, it didn’t have much to do with the article. That info is out there, and has been expressed in many a blog, article, webinar, seminar, book, e book, you name it. Maybe I compiled it well, made it more interesting, timed it well. Perhaps I threw in some little known tidbits that shook things up a bit, but the real reason why this article elicited such a great response had not much to do with the contents as it did with the…..wait for it….TITLE. The title, my peeps.

Anyone who is slightly interested in growing their business, who is thinking about creating or who already has a blog will naturally be attracted to a title containing the words “FREE” and “EASY”. They will open the blog. Folks will be searching for those words in a Google search. That’s it. No rocket science. Combine these with the
word “BLOG”, which is a hot topic these days, and you my dear businessperson have the makings of an uber (without the umlaut’s) optimized title, and the power of an optimized title cannot be emphasized enough. I mean, look what happened to my humble little blog. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. So tip #7: Optimize your titles! Why didn’t I include this? I don’t know…something shiny must have crossed my desk.

Now I’m half thinking that maybe I’ll start all my blogs with “6 Free and Easy” in the title and brand them with that. What do you think?



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