I’ve been thinking about it all week, and the answer is no. For about 6 seconds, after I’d gotten all those wonderful hits to my blog and website after sending out “6 Free and Easy Ways to Get People to Ready Your Blog” blog I thought maybe I really could just set myself up as the “6 Free and Easy Go To Gal”, but on second thought……ummmmm…no.

A) I am not free, nor am I easy, and we don’t want any confusion over that, and

B) What the heck would I write about after exhausting 6 Free and Easy Ways to Market the Bejeezers out of something? “6 Free and Easy Ways to make a pancake?” “6 free and Easy Ways to Curl your Hair?” I don’t think so, and ultimately boring and restricting. And sort of selling out. As much as you want to be using great searchable keywords in your title, please remember that you also want to be true to yourself. At the end of the day, do you really want to be perceived as the ‘Free and Easy ‘ girl? I didn’t think so.

C) Everything needing to be done to do to market your company is, sadly , not always free , nor is it easy. So I don’t want to lull anyone into a false sense of laziness/contentment. Although there are plenty of free and easy things one can, with a little knowledge, implement, (really-there are plenty-don’t get discouraged), in order to really market your company and get a return on your marketing investment it is going to take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is business growth, unless you are Groupon…but even they are running into an awful lot of competition these days. Great ideas’ get copied and then you must get competitive, smart, and aggressive in order to keep your edge. Ask Bill Gates.

So I’ve milked the above title as much as I can for the next month or two, but for now it is time to bid it adieu, because over-using any one concept gets old and loses its’ effectiveness….except for chocolate. And the Carribean. And maybe Mark Ruffalo. Those concepts never gets old.



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