! Wowsa! What a find! And how deliciously addicting!!

I’d heard about it a few months back when looking for a quick graphics piece for my website that I was having trouble recreating. When I got to the site my graphics issue was soon thrown to the wayside as the “gigs” posted were so entertaining and funny that I got lost in “fiverr –land” and forgot all about my graphics until later that afternoon. is a service site similar to Craigslist in that you can post what you need to get done and see who pops up to service you, or you can post your “gig” and folks looking for your services will find you there, hopefully, if you’ve written alluring enough title and can’t beat description of your services.

It’s called because…wait for it….every gig costs a mere $5.00 For more complex gigs they can charge in increments but that is poo -poo’d by the fiverr administrators, where as a bonus gig to sweeten the offer really sweetens the pot. I was on a webinar last week where Noga Vilozny, or Nogalicious as she is known in fiverr –land was talking exuberantly about her great successes on fiverr, which she has honed to a science. Noga will either ‘meditate on your love life for 5 minutes’, ‘arrange for heaven to send you a postcard’, ‘answer any question about circumcision’, ‘help you get pregnant’ (?), ‘show you how to survive family reunions or Christmas with your family’, and more…for $5.00 each.

Would you like to have a video testimonial about your company by 5 singing Indian women? Or by Jesus? Well now you can have them custom made for you for a mere $5 bucks. Need someone in a guerilla suit to stand outside your girlfriend’s window holding a sign asking for forgiveness? Now you know where to find it. Want to be interviewed by a faux CNN newscaster in a downloadable video to be sent out or embedded on your website or on YouTube? For 5 bucks these services can now be HAD!!! I’m not kidding…go check it out.

On a slightly more practical, but far less fun side there are actual contractors all there standing by ready to upload your logo to Facebook, or re-size your image to fit your website, or tweet to all of their twitter followers how your website rocks. Etcetera…etcetera. You just pick a category and start scrolling. Are the giggers hopeful that if they do a good enough job for you that you might hire them for additional work? Of course! But it’s not necessary and thus far I haven’t found any pressure. I’ve now used fiverr for 5 or 6 technical things for my business that had I gone elsewhere would have cost me an arm and a leg and been a much bigger hassle. They make it too simple to buy as well, streamlining the process to a click of the PayPal button. You have the ability to rate the seller, as you should incase something isn’t delivered in the promised time or up to snuff…after all, the only quality control comes from the users, so it’s a good thing this system is in place to make sure no one is able to rip off your $5.00 without hearing about it. There is a rating system they encourage the buyers to use and comments are welcome, really creating a self regulating online community.

So I thought, what the heck, I’m going to try it myself, and just yesterday posted 3 of my own gigs to test the waters: For 5 bucks “I will show you how to drive tons of traffic to your blog or website with 6 Free and Easy techniques”, “I will show you 4 surefire ways to make money from your blog”, and “I will share the top 5 most crucial tips to know BEFORE creating a website”. Check them out-search for suzen4340– and you can buy me a latte if they seem of value.

It’s a beautiful online world out there. Go get creative and make yourselves a few bucks. Or save yourself a few bucks by buying a ‘fiverr’. I’m sure you have something you can share that’s worth 5 bucks…and if you can’t think of anything, scroll around the site. That will get your creative



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