You know how when you know something, you’ve heard something, you’ve sort- of subscribed to this something but you don’t really embrace the something until you hear it from someone else?

Or you didn’t hear it the right way…in the right words, the words that made you go: “whoa.”

And then one day you do! You hear it like it’s never been said before. The heavens open up and “laaaaaaaa!”, you suddenly get it.

I got it when I heard the ever brilliant, very young but wise voice of Derek Halpern say it in an online class that I’m taking of his called “Blog That Converts”. Amongst other toney nuggets of shmartie stuff, Derek, in one of his early modules talks about not having 10 or 11 comma’s to describe what you do, but rather having your 1 Superpower Solution. That’s it. That’s the light bulb.

It’s the honing in of the niche, the narrowing of the focus, the…call it whatever the hell you’d like but know this: It’s my new big outgoing message and it starts today. Yes, I may have whispered it before but now that I’ve heard it here, in those words,  I really get the power of it because it has worked for me and  many clients that I’ve driven this home to. But now I can drive it home to you oh so much better.

It’s about being KNOWN for something, even if you are a yoga instructor like your 6 neighbors, or a realtor, like one third of our town, or a marketing expert, like…well, yeah. What’s your Somethin’-Somethin’ that SETS YOU APART from all the other white noise?? From all of your competition?  How are you going to remembered?

Once you figure that out- once you get very clear on your specialty, your differentiator, then and only then can we delve into things like “Here’s How to Get More Business” and “6 Free and Easy Ways to Get Traffic to your Website”

You know who does this really well? My gal Jennifer Covello. She’s got it down- people know her as the parenting expert who will help you get rid of mommy guilt.  Dad’s don’t carry much of this stuff, so good for you and we hate you for that. Does she focus on more than that?  Sure, but that is her clearest message. And not for nuthin’ if you’re anything like me, and you could use Jennifer’s’ clear message on how to juggle the job and the kids, I’d sign up for her free class that’s starting on a few days right here… she makes it really really simple to

No programs. No books to read. No CD’s or DVD’s to listen to…just get a load of how she breaks things down to the simplest form. If you can identify with ANY of the following statements, then this is a must-attend event for you. You are:

  • Stressed out every day with no energy
  • Feeling guilty all the time and apologizing to everyone
  • Overwhelmed with the advice from parenting experts
  • Feeling lost and alone
  • Questioning your parenting skills and discipline
  • Anxious that your decisions are not helping your child or your family
  • Fighting with your kids over…well…everything!

Clear message, clear answers, and a plan. That’s what we all need.

You can also contact me here and I’ll give you a free website consult so you’ll know where to start and how to get found. Get heard. Get crackin’.



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