The Hellman’s mayonnaise brand took an innovative approach to product awareness with its recent high-tech supermarket campaign in Brazil — one that resulted in a 68% increase in sales, reported.

Outfitted with a touchscreen device, the company completed a month long beta trial of the ‘Hellman’s Recipe Cart’- a super jacked up shopping cart that does the thinking for you, at the Pão de Açúcar shopping center in São Paulo.

It went like this: When consumers placed a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise in their cart, the tablet on the shopping cart detected their location through NFC tags located in each aisle. The device then offered a recipe using Hellman’s mayonnaise along with other products nearby in that aisle. In other words, it did your scouting and took the brain power out of the “what else can I make with Hellmans” out of the equation of tired shoppers yearning to have someone else come up with a dinner idea for a change.

The campaign posted significant engagement numbers for the month, with 45,000 customers experiencing the interactive carts. Brilliant marketing and branding at work here to expand their market reach for Hellman’s, who prior to this campaign was primarily only thought of as a sandwich condiment.

Check out the video here



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