My goal over the next 3 months is to quadruple the traffic to my website and blog to and to grow my list to at least 8,000 strong subscribers.

Hey ho Suzen! Why, you might ask, am I focusing on growing my traffic to that extent? And is that even possible?

I believe yes, it’s possible. I am married to this goal with such zeal you will not be able to shake me. This past year I started out with a measly little list of under 200 and am already up to almost 2500. That’s over 100% growth. I’ve been busy. And it’s paying off.

Lets Grow Traffic to Your Website

So, back to the why. Here’s the skinny: a big old list of prospects, who have VOLUNTARILY given you their email addresses plus a boat load of traffic coming into a website is the #1 key to a successful business, whether that business is online or off. Not the only key mind you, but it is #1 in terms of priority.

There are multitudes of “traffic guru’s” out in the blogosphere, each offering their own ‘best’ website traffic strategies, traffic courses, e- books, podcasts and video’s geared to helping people grow their list and attract thousands of raving fans to said fans websites.

I’ll be focusing in on a few of the masters next week. All of these crazy ass experts…and they are most definitely experts, have grown their own lists to record numbers by focusing in and applying a series of basic (but consistent) techniques that have overhauled their businesses and put them at the forefront of the blogosphere, positioning them as thought leaders. Dramatic, I know, but true.

Fact: the bigger the list the more opportunity to reach qualified,

paying and eager clients who are looking for your services.

Fact: the more traffic coming into your website, the more traffic coming into your blog, the more possibilities of showing your visitors what you have to offer. (What do you have to offer by the way? ) That’s my next series so stay tuned.

So here’s my question to you:

What are your biggest business frustrations, and specifically your biggest ONLINE obstacles? Lack of traffic? A list that goes out to your mother and brother? Period? Don’t show up on a Google search? Can’t get any Facebook fans?

Share them with me down below, if you’d be so kind, as I’m planning a series now that will target different online obstacles each week with a video series I’m putting together and I want to make sure I’m targeting your issues specifically.

Also I’ll be sharing my list building progress weekly with you beginning June 1 so that you can follow along and grow with me. If you need more help, you’ll know where to find me.

Let’s do this together! Who’s with me? Rah?



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