So I came across this smarty pants marketing campaign because I was looking for a way to keep those dang persistent squirrels who have taken over my yard from eating all the bird food in my bird feeder. Those poor sparrows did not stand a chance, and I always felt so sorry for them. Squirrels are persistent little buggers. Then I did a Google search for ‘how to keep squirrels out of a bird feeder and came across this Lowe’s Vine campaign- the #lowesfixinsix. A Monday Marketing Masters dream come true.

The Lowes Fix In Six- the best use of Vine I’ve seen to date, has creatively made use of Vine- those 6 second videos we discussed in Monday Marketing Masters #4 on airbandb, and without breaking the ad budget, created an innovative, educational marketing campaign that fixes many of their customer’s pain points and household problems- many of which we didn’t even realize we had.

Notice that with this type of campaign NO ONE  IS ASKING FOR BUSINESS or actively selling a thing; they are just adding extra value to their brand. That is the beauty of educational marketing: it establish your company as a thought leader, an expert in your field; a problem solver, and organically draws people to your services or your products to solve that problem.

Luckily, Lowes had a hilarious but effective solution for my squirrel problems. When we’re bored, we can now sit around and watch these frustrated varments sliding down the pole. But hey- They could be training for squirrel fire fighter status!

So now the campaign is on Vine, which lends itself to sharing on all social media platforms, grabbing peoples nano-second attention spans, and in doing so, expands Lowes reach to a younger generation of home improvement consumers as well. Can you spell MULTI–PURPOSED? Plus, I bet you can’t watch just one. At least I can’t. Here’s 1 more. Wish I’d seen this before I left for vacation this summer: Seen any brilliant marketing campaigns you think should be featured here? Let me know in the comment section. And if you think this is share worthy, I’d love if you’d use those little share buttons to make sure more see squirrels sliding down a pole.



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