Chinese Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly and Giving Birth to an Ugly Baby

This happened. And he won the case- $120,000 awarded to him from a judge because, as the judge explained, the wife, unbeknownst to the husband, had undergone over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery prior to meeting him, and so was deemed “deceptive”. I kid you not. Never mind that the child’s gene pool was 50% his (a paternity test was run and the husband was in fact found to be the biological father). Never mind that….oh, what the hell….this story is worthy of a glass of wine. Or a bottle.

Why, you wonder am I bringing it up here? A bit underhanded, you say, as much as the Enquirer worthy story really stinks of ickiness, it did get you to open the blog and read on, didn’t it? Heh, heh…..

Point? Headlines sell copy. A good headline will compel you to read on. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but every now and again we need to be reminded of the great pull and importance of great content and even more important, great headlines, that draw you in and make it impossible not to click. Sad, true, that this particular story actually is true, but the lesson remains vital: if your headline isn’t urgent and irresistible it doesn’t matter how great your content is, because no one will see it.

So, a few take aways:

  1. A compelling, if not sensational headline is VITAL, if not somewhat sleazy. But vital never-the-less! Your job is to make it less sleazy. Good luck.
  2. A headline or blog subject which takes advantage of Google Trends, or Yahoo Trending Now will garner you a much higher ranking in the search engines, as people are searching for more info on trending topics.
  3. Incorporating these into a good quality blog post with great content is the stuff great blogs are made of. Yup, I said it…..

Some headline guidelines that work:

  • Use a sub headline: “The 5 biggest secrets to a great blog post; how to get them at hello” …it’s a specific clincher that seals the deal.
  • Make it a “how to”: “How to Create Killer Headlines guaranteed to make people click to open”.
  • Ask a relatable question: “Are you making these mistakes when writing your blog?” folks will identify, and want a solution.
  • Use a testimonial to sell your content. Probably the most powerful incentive out there for someone to click into your site: “How I earned $12,000 in 1 day from following Suzen’s advice”. Woah.
  • Announce a benefit: “Learn the 6 best kept secrets to creating a website that makes money while you sleep.” Best kept secrets sell. Note to self.

Let’s re-cap: look at the techniques at work in this blog post: Using a headline or topic that is trending on Google or Yahoo translates to a highly searched blog that will be indexed high just by virtue of association to a highly searched story. Linking to high ranking authority sites- great for SEO, hyper-linking to my other relevant blog posts- keeps people on the site with more opportunity to scroll around my site and see how they can work with me.

Point: give people an irresistible reason to click into your blog to draw attention to your content and make sure that your content keeps them there and you are well on the road to creating a valuable destination. Now that they’re there, what’s on your blog that will translate into sales?


Less Is More

I love when I think along the same lines as Seth Godin, and at the same time to boot. I’d just woken up this morning thinking if I had to read one more long email or blog entry I was going to explode. And then  this hit my in box.

Listen: if you want people to read your brilliance and pay close attention to your sage advice, you gotta keep it short and sweet. We are all too ADD these days because there is so much being thrown at us. Ok, I’ll speak for myself but I know I’m not alone. Less can be more. Look at Hemmingway. I think he’s more popular now amongst the ADD crowd then when he was first published. Why? Because his sentences are short. To the point. Sparse, yet crafted beautifully into phrases that hit your sweet spot. He would have made a great Tweeter!

Here’s the skinny: if you want more folks to read your stuff, and to remember your words, break them down into small but memorable sound bites. We’ll remember you more. Think like Hemmingway:

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut”. Brilliant.

8 Great Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

Aha! Struck a chord, eh? Probably the #1 biggest issue I get from frustrated, beleaguered bloggers is that of the empty comments box. I know, I’ve been there, and often times, I’m still there, resorting to a steady stream of urgent pleas for interaction from my faithful posy. Payments works as well, especially for a teen comment.

I’ve let all this go, slowly, for the most part as I’ve found that in the last 2 years of blogging, slowly but surely my readership has, indeed increased and so has the response rate. Understand however, that just because folks aren’t commenting does NOT mean they are not reading, absorbing and appreciating your words.

Did you get that? I said “Not much of a correlation!” Did I make your day? [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why Blog ?

The road to blog readership is for most of us, a long and somewhat painful one. Some of this cannot be helped –it is just the nature of the blog beast. A blog, like any other form of marketing, takes time and patience to grow its’ traffic. That being said, it’s a great way to grow your following and is so DO-ABLE! Plus once you’re into your rhythm, it’s not so daunting…