It’s time to showcase the little guy creating great marketing campaigns that can be easily created…by you. After all, it’s not just the big guys with big branding and media budgets who are creating the most creative marketing campaigns these days;  it’s the little guy…gal…. as well, one of the main points I aim to showcase, in the Monday Marketing Masters series after all.

Case in point, here’s a small UK company who had a great idea and with a very tight budget, using the power and connections of their target market to create a monetized Twitter campaign that spread the word for them. Brilliant stuff. Presenting:

Pay for Your Purchase With A Selfie, aka #UrbanSelfie

This little know South African clothing retailer created one of the more creative social campaigns this year when for one day only, they gave visitors to their store a $10 coupon if they tweeted a selfie of themselves trying on some clothes and used the hash tag #UrbanSelfie. And who better than the  brands very own  teens and twenty-something, aka millennial followers, to do it for them. These millennials are tweeting their selfies on a daily basis anyway, so encouraging them to do it for a chance for a big payout.

For one day only, social media savvy customers were encouraged through Twitter and Facebook to snap selfies of themselves trying on clothes in Urban stores throughout South Africa. By using the hash tag #UrbanSelfie and following a set of instructions, engaged customers received a $10 coupon, PLUS the chance to win a $1000 new wardrobe was hardly a big stretch.

The company went a step further: Those who posted to the Urban Facebook page were also entered into a contest to win a trip to Paris, New York, Milan or any other fashion forward city of their choice.  Very enticing. As a matter of fact I wish I had been aware of it. It could have been my very first selfie. I refuse to count the one where I got the black eye from ramming my head into a deck post while on a leaf blowing frenzy. This was it:

This was a hugely successful campaign that accomplished everything the retailer wanted: getting more people in the store, trying on clothes, and sharing their outfits with their social network.

The creative team behind the #UrbanSelfie campaign understood what makes selfie-lovers tick: sharing photos of themselves. So instead of having to create branded content for fans to share, the campaign encouraged fans to create their own content…saving a boatload of money there as well.

The organic posts– nothing paid, all organic, leveraged both a trend – the selfie – as well as images, both factors that ensured each fan-submitted photo would be seen by a wide audience.  Having a 16 year old, I can assure you that this works. Talk about branding.

 #UrbanSelfie Results:

  • Huge Facebook hit, increasing the brands Facebook page likes by 16, 947, and giving it 873,351 impressions
  • Substantial upsurge of Twitter followers- their followers main social media platform of choice
  • Increased sales of which they attribute 40%  of during the campaign
  • Long-term sales and stickiness, due to the increased social media awareness and word of mouth traffic (goal-check -check), as the winners translated into long term customers, their networks and friends waiting hungrily for the next #UrbanSelfie challenge.


I predict this to be the first of many selfie-marketing campaigns to hit the millennial crowd. Watch for it …and tweet #MondayMarketingMasters when you see it

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