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Huge Traffic Strategy #6: Create Joint Venture Partnerships

My tele-summit MomtoMompreneur Now! grew my list, and the lists of our Joint Venture partners as well, because each one of our speakers took it upon themselves, with a little guidance from us, to spread the word of the tele-summit to their own lists, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, promoting both their appearance on it as well as the tele-summit as a whole. A win-win for everyone.

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Huge Traffic Building Strategy #1 and a Whooping

The other great reason to comment on “like” blogs is that you are now in front of a whole new audience who you can speak to. The hope is that if your content interesting enough, you will get some followers of your own from their followers. This is a major reason why my traffic has grown, and it can be for you as well.

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Traffic Strategies That Work

Fact: the bigger the list the more opportunity to reach qualified, paying and eager clients who are looking for your services.
Fact: the more traffic coming into your website the more possibilities of showing your visitors what you have to offer. (What do you have to offer by the way? ) That’s my next series so stay tuned.

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